Top 20 Big Fluffy Dog Breeds (with Pictures)

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Big Fluffy Dogs Feature

There are many types of big fluffy dogs that make the perfect cuddling companions.

These larger than life dogs have their own unique charm.

They are lovable, friendly, playful and gentle souls. Think of them as big friendly bear cubs ready to cuddle you whenever you need. They have big compassionate hearts and you won’t be able to resist melting into their long, soft hair.

Choosing the right breed will depend on their personality and how well they suit your lifestyle. Lots of big fluffy dogs are herding or working breeds, which means they will have lots of energy in them. Others have been bred as guard dogs and are more laid back.

Are you interested in getting one of the best huggers in the world?

Keep reading to find out the best 20 large and fluffy dog breeds

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Big Fluffy Dog Breeds

Akita Inu

Akita Inu

The Akita Inu is Japan’s biggest dog.

They have a thick and fluffy double coat that is medium length and can only come in three colors: red, brindle and white.

Their coat actually has three layers. The outer coat is coarse with straight hairs which gives them that fuzzy look. Under it are two under coats. The one in the middle is super soft while the one closest to the skin is thicker and woolier.

Akita Inus look a bit like red panda bears with their round fluffy face and standing triangle ears.

In the past these dogs were used for hunting and guarding so they are good for protecting your family. Not only will they make a great watchdog, but they will be that fluffy dog that you can squeeze when you need some cheering up.

Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute was originally bred to be an artic sled dog.

These dogs are large and powerful so if you need a dog that will pull your children on a sleigh during the cold winter months, this is the breed you need!

Although they are big and strong, underneath all their muscles and woolly coat there is a gentle soul.

They loves to play and are very gentle with children. As a pack animal, the Alaskan Malamute enjoys being around other people and can get along well with other dogs who are part of their pack. They have a thick and fluffy coat that comes in a combination of white with some other colors including black, blue and red.

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American Eskimo Dog

American Eskimo Dog

American Eskimos actually come in three different sizes, but if you want a big fluffy dog then you should get the standard version.

This breed has a pure white coat with standing hairs that makes them look like a big soft cloud.

They actually descend from a Nordic dog known as the German Spitz. They were called the American Spitz until the name was changed to the American Eskimo in 1917.

American Eskimos are incredibly smart, loyal, and trainable. In fact, it is because of these qualities that the breed was a popular circus dog.

If you are looking for a fun and smart breed then this fluffy white dog could be the one for you. If you want all of the traits of this breed in a smaller package then look at the white Pomeranian.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dog

Bernese Mountain Dogs are strong and bulky dogs that can weigh up to 115 pounds.

Over their huge body there is a beautiful coat that is smooth and shiny. Their dense thick coat is soft to the touch and is a unique mix of black, tan, and white.

Bernese Mountain Dogs love nurturing and watching over people and can form very strong bonds with their family. They are calm and playful which makes them an incredible family guardian.

As long as you have a Bernese Mountain Dog by your side, you will always feel safe and reassured.

Bouvier de Flandres

Bouvier de Flandres

The Bouvier de Flandres translates to the cowherd of Flanders.

Flanders is a region in modern-day France, Belgium and the Netherlands.

This large and fluffy dog is perfect for farm work.

They stand with a steady posture that exudes confidence and alertness.

Bouvier de Flandres have a shaggy appearance with a harsh outer coat and a fine soft and dense undercoat. It is this undercoat that really gives this dog their fluffiness. This hairy dog might not be as soft as other dogs in this list, but their hair gives them their characteristic shagginess.

Many families today choose the Bouvier de Flandres as a watchdog. Not only are they very protective, but they are also incredibly sweet and loyal.



The Briard is a wonderful shaggy dog.

Their hair falls over their body as if it were a mop!

People might confuse the Briard with the Bouvier de Flandres because they look similar. They were even designed for the same job and both breeds come from France.

However, there are key differences that set them apart.

The coat of the Briard is longer and they have long hairs that come down from their pointed ears. The Briard also does not have a docked tail.

If you are looking for a fluffy, loving protector of the family then look no further. They will follow you loyally no matter what and will not be shy about showing affection.

Chow Chow

Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is one of the oldest breeds in existence.

They come from northern China and they are an all-purpose dog.

Chow Chows can hunt, herd, and guard the farm but today they are a fluffy and cuddly dog that just wants to give you companionship.

They have a square body, a big head, and a mane around their head that make you think of a flat-faced lion. Their beautiful puffy coat can range from a light cream, to red, to a dark blue or black. This puffy coat makes you want to run toward them and give them a big hug!

Families will love having this laid-back yet watchful dog.



The Eurasier was bred to be a family companion.

This large fluffy breed is relatively new and was first bred in Germany in 1972 by crossing the Chow Chow to a Wolfspitz and then a Samoyed. The new breed was then named Eurasier to give tribute to both its European and Asian heritages.

They have the dignified nature of the Chow Chow and the friendliness of the Samoyed.

This fluffy breed was made to be the perfect family dog. They are calm and loyal, gentle with children and incredibly playful.

Eurasiers have fluffy and dense coats and are either black, fawn, or red.

Golden Retriever

There is no way we could skip the Golden Retriever!

Golden Retrievers are a medium-to-large dog that have a beautiful golden coat. Their shiny fur is either smooth or has a slight wave.

Life is just an adventure to be had with a Golden Retriever. Even as they get older they still act as if they were a young puppy. You will just want to cuddle with your fluffy Golden Retriever because of how cute and silly they are. A Golden loves to be stroked!

These dogs love everyone and cannot wait to make friends and just have fun.

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyrenees is a white fluffy dog.

They stand at an imposing 32 inches tall and weigh as much as 100 pounds.

Instead of being fluffy like a cloud, their hair falls down flat or with a light wave and a mane forms around their neck and chest. They are mainly white but sometimes they can have gray or tan colored markings.

Strangers should not be fooled by their fluffiness and serene facade. They will leap into action and defend their family if needed.



The Hovawart is a furry German working dog.

You can find them in three colors: golden, black, and black and tan.

Their furry coat is dense and soft to the touch, and the hairs shine against their body in a slight wave. A golden Hovawart might make you think of a large Golden Retriever, but Hovawarts have very long bodies and a long tail that goes just below the hocks.

They are not as fun and loving as a Golden but the Hovawart is great for people who want a low shedding furry dog.



The Kuvasz is a furry snowy-white dog with a heart of gold.

They come from Hungary and were made to be the bold guardian of flocks and a faithful companion to the kings of the nation.

Standing as much as 30 inches tall, this big breed is one made to impress with their gleaming coarse coat and light-footed gait. They are strong but in no way bulky or big boned like other dogs mentioned here, such as the Bernese Mountain Dog.

This fluffy dog is incredibly sweet and will get attached to their owners. Just remember they do not do well with other pets and prefer to have your undivided attention.



The Leonberger is a giant dog that weighs up to 170 pounds.

They were bred to be a fluffy companion animal. It was made by cross-breeding Saint Bernards and Newfoundlands and was the personal pet for kings. They are very similar to Saint Berdoodles which are bred by cross-breeding Saint Bernards and Poodles.

Leonbergers are very muscular and have floppy ears.

Their mane like fur will wrap around their neck and chest. Their coat colors can be lion-yellow, golden to red, red-brown, sand-colored or a combination of these.

Because the Leonberg was designed to be a companion animal they are a family-friendly dog. They are incredibly gentle and calm and are an excellent dog for children. These dogs are so big they can pull the kids in a cart, which is actually one of their favorite activities.

Old English Sheepdog

Old English Sheepdog

The Old English Sheepdog comes from England.

This dog is the definition of shagginess. They can have either a black, blue, gray, or blue merle coat. They have voluminous hair and brown or blue eyes.

These Sheepdogs look like a furry bear and will give you a bear hug when needed. They even shuffle and walk just like a bear.

Like many of the other breeds on this list they are very patient and gentle. With their tender and affectionate nature you will want to have one around.



The Newfoundland is a big fluffy dog – they can weigh as much as 150 pounds!

This dog is commonly known as a Newfie, and with such a cute nickname there is a sweet temperament to match.

They have a dark black, white or brown coat that is straight and long.

Although their droopy brown eyes and lips might give you gloomy vibes, this is not a sad dog. The Newfoundland is one of the most caring and loving furry companions you can have.

They are an excellent choice for families as they know how to play with young children. After a long day of playing, they will be ready to just cuddle up with the family and let you stroke their beautifully soft hair.

Rough Collie

Rough Collie

The Rough Collie is best known for their huge furry coat.

They became popular worldwide because of the TV show starring Lassie the Collie.

There are two types of coats for Collies, a rough and smooth coat. The rough Collie is the most well-known. Their coat is harsh and poofy and is especially long around their chest area where it forms a mane. Collies are only recognized in four different colors: sable and white, tri-color, blue merle and white.

Nobody will be able to resist the furry coat of the Collie!

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The Samoyed is white and fluffy like cotton balls.

Some Samoyeds are not even fully white. They might be of a biscuit or cream color.

They are named after the Samoyedic people who bred them. They were a semi-nomadic group from Asia that used to live in Siberia a thousand years ago. The Samoyed was bred to help them move their goods across the arctic land, serve as a watchdog and hunt reindeer for food.

Because they had to huddle with people on cold nights to stay warm, the Samoyed is an incredibly friendly and attached dog. There is no need to search for this furry love ball whenever you need a hug. It will already be by your side.

Slovensky Cuvac

Slovensky Cuvac

The Slovensky Cuvac is as white and majestic as the snow in the Slovakian mountains where they come from.

Although they are descended from Artic wolves they do not have a typical wolf appearance like the Alaskan Malamute.

They look more like a mountain dog with a strong build, rectangular body, and medium length double coat.

Their pure white wavy coat might give you the impression of purity and innocence but this dog is not one to be messed with. In the past they were used as a herder and guard dog, being able to take down foes like wolves and even bears.

The furry Slovensky Cuvac is weary of strangers but simply adores their family.

You should not confuse them with the Great Pyrenees. Although they both have a white coat, the Slovensky Cuvac is smaller and does not have bushy hair on their chest like the Great Pyrenees.

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff is the second largest dog on our list.

They can be as big as a Newfoundland and have the same kind of droopy face but you won’t confuse these dogs when you see them side by side.

Tibetan Mastiffs look like they have a lion’s mane. Their coat can be a mixture of colors including, black, brown, cream, black and tan, brown and tan, cream sable and blue gray.

No one really knows when the Tibetan Mastiff came to existence. For thousands of years they have lived in the Himalayas as guard dogs and its thought that all modern Mastiff breeds have descended from them.

A Tibetan Mastiff is independent and a bit reserved.

They are fond of their family and will watch over them, but they will not be as attached to you as other breeds on this list. So if you need a fluffy dog to cuddle with once in a while but one that is not too clingy, then the Tibetan Mastiff could be right for you!



The Tornjak is a fearless Bosnian and Herzegovinian Croatian Shepherd dog.

This big fluffy dog has a long, straight and coarse coat over their body. Their hair is shorter on their face and legs, and is the furriest on their neck, where it has a mane and its poofy tail.

Their flopped ears are quite furry too.

All Tornjaks are parti-colored. They have a white base coat with beautiful random patches of black or black and tan markings on their back or face. So if you do choose to bring a furry Tornjak home, you will have no idea what they will look like.

Just remember that this is a working dog that takes their job seriously. They are loyal and obedient and do not take lightly anyone who tries to mess with their flock. This furry dog is aloof to strangers but faithful and loving with their family.

Which Big Fluffy Dog Should You Pick?

Not everyone can handle the massive size of large dogs. And having long coats can be a hassle sometimes when you have to sweep your house of dog hair all the time. But these beautiful dogs will make you reconsider whatever hesitations you have.

Although these dogs might be big, you do not have to be scared about their size.

These large fluff balls make great companions. They will play around without being too rough and will love the attention they get from you.

Some of these breeds are especially better for young children than others. Breeds like the Rough Collie, Newfoundland, Old English Sheepdog and Golden Retriever adore little kids. Other breeds might just need a bit more supervision, especially if they are giant dogs like the Tibetan Mastiff.

Each one is unique and special in their own right.

There are many things to consider when getting a dog. But whichever furry friend you choose, they are guaranteed to bring you joy.

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