Border Collie Lab Mix: Borador Dog Breed Information

What happens when you cross the smartest dog in the world with the most popular?

You get the Borador!

Think of a Lab inside the body of a Border Collie. That is what a border collie lab mix is.

You will have an adorable, fluffy Lab that is not only super playful but is also very protective of you. This mix is a companion dog, but they do have working dog blood which means that they are very energetic. For some people this might be a bit overwhelming.

Intelligent, athletic, and friendly, come and learn all about this super family dog…

All About Boradors

Borador Social
Highly intelligent and friendly these dogs make the perfect family pet.

Boradors are a crossbreed of the very smart Border Collie and the super friendly Labrador Retriever. By combining these two dog breeds you get a well-rounded dog that is not only super smart, but also immensely loveable.

These dogs are called “designer dogs” because they get the best qualities of both parents.

Combining the smartest dog with the most beloved in America, there is a reason why these mixed breed dogs are so sought out. They are one of the most popular Border Collie mixes.

Designer dogs have not been around for very long, so Boradors are a relatively new breed.

They might have accidentally been bred before the designer dog movement began, but the intentional breeding of a border collie lab mix first occurred in the early 2000s.

Boradors are excellent dogs for families because they perfectly balance the playful, gentle, and friendly nature of the Lab with the intelligence and protectiveness of the Border Collie. If you want a smaller and fluffier version of a Lab they are a great choice.

However, while they combine two of the most beloved dog breeds, they are not for everyone.

Both parents are working dogs, and while this breed was originally bred specifically for companionship, it is anything but a couch potato. This mix will inherit the high energy of both of its parents, so it does best with families who are highly active.

Even if its purpose is to be a companion dog, it will still want to keep busy all day.

This mix is the high-energy version of the Lab, and the Labrador is pretty energetic already! While these dogs are bred for families, they really need a specific type of family that will not be overwhelmed by all of that energy.

The Borador gets along well with everyone. It loves both people and other animals. It is also very tolerant of small children. Sometimes they inherit a bit of the herding instincts from the Collie so can be protective of small children too.

If you are ready and able to keep up with this hyperactive dog then you will find a lot of joy with this dog!


The border collie lab mix is one of the most popular crossbreeds of the 21st century, just behind Labradoodles and Goldendoodles. It has been around for the last 20 years and is recognized by many of the hybrid and designer dog registries.

Not much history is associated with designer dogs as they are relatively new.

Perhaps Boradors have existed for a long time, but it would have happened by accident.

The fist intentional breeding likely occurred in the United States in the 2000s. Ever since then they have skyrocketed into fame.

As this mix began gaining popularity people realized its wide range of abilities.

The Borador has become so famous that people have even recognized its abilities for service work. It has been recently recruited for jobs such as scent detection and searching and rescuing people.


Borador Face

The Borador is a mixed breed and can have a whole variety of appearances based on the traits it inherits. Some might look more like their Lab parent, while others will look more like a Border Collie.

All of this variety gives a large range of possible appearances, which makes every Borador unique.

There is no telling what a border collie lab mix will look like until it is fully grown. However, they all turn out to be beautiful dogs!

Most often Boradors tend to look like larger, fluffy Border Collies.

You will see them frequently take on the black and white colors of the Border Collie as these tend to dominate the Lab’s colors, especially if is yellow or chocolate as these colors are recessive.

Black and white is the most common coat color.

Usually white is found on the chest, face, and legs and black on the body. Other possible coat colors include yellow, black, chocolate, merle, or red and white.

Their coat is double layered like its parents, but coat length can vary between short or medium depending on which parent it takes to more.

Most commonly it will look like a fluffy Lab and will not have a long coat.

Their faces will often resemble that of the Labs with their broad heads, muzzle, and strong jaw. If they inherit more of the Border Collie’s face, then their skulls will be flatter, and their muzzles will be thinner.


Border collie lab mix

Border Collies are medium-sized dogs, while Labradors are medium to large. By mixing these two differently sized dog breeds, you will get a dog that normally is medium-sized.

The Borador will almost never be bigger than a Labrador.

If you want a smaller version of a Lab this mix is a good option.

It is difficult to know how big a Borador puppy will grow since its final size will depend on how much each parent influences it.

You can expect your dog to weigh somewhere between 40 and 65 pounds. Most of the time they are on the lower side of that range, but they have been known to grow as big as 70 pounds.

Weight also varies slightly between female and male mixes, with females normally about five pounds lighter than males.

Typically the height of a female will not exceed 15 inches and 17 inches for males.

You can use the growth chart below to try and estimate how much they will grow:

Age (months)Weight (pounds)

As a medium-sized mix the Borador does not have the biggest appetite in the world, but because it is so full of energy, it is going to need a lot of food!

A Borador should eat around 2.5 cups of high-quality kibble each day. How much they should be fed will depend on factors such as their age and activity levels. A puppy will not be eating as much as an adult. Seniors will also not be moving as much as a young adult.

You need to adjust how much you are feeding based on their life stage and activity levels.

Feeding them three times per day and splitting up these portions helps them to stay healthy and maintain a good weight.

They need to eat smaller meals more frequently to help minimize their risk of bloat and stomach problems. Bloating and stomach problems are common in Labradors and other high energy dogs.

Are Boradors Hypoallergenic?

Borador Face
Side headshot of Borador looking up.

Border Collies and Labs shed fur so unfortunately the Borador is not a hypoallergenic breed.

Both parents have a double coat that is always shedding a little bit of hair. Labs are known to shed lots for a short-haired dog. Both breeds do have a heavy shedding season in the Spring and Fall in preparation for the warmer or colder weather.

This means that this mix will be a seasonal shedder.

Border collie lab mixes tend to shed more heavily three weeks before Spring and Fall, but the rest of the year it just sheds lightly.

Their coat actually does not need much maintenance and does not need as much grooming as other Lab mixes. Brushing them once a week is enough to remove all the trapped dead hairs and evenly distribute the skin oils over the healthy fur.

However, during Spring and Fall, more frequent brushing will be needed to remove all that extra hair. This will help their coat to stay mat free.

Borador vs Border Collie and Lab

Lab mix dog

Every Borador is completely unique because they are never an exact 50/50 mix between their parents. How they turn out will depend on how much they inherit from the Border Collie and the Lab. They might look or act more like either parent.

It is really hard for a breeder to know how a Borador puppy will end up as an adult.

In general they will inherit some key characteristics that distinguish it as a breed.

The Border Collie has been named as the smartest dog breed in the world. These dogs are incredibly obedient and protective of those it loves.

As a herding dog it was originally bred to protect sheep, but nowadays it does more.

Today you can find them dominating in agility, obedience and tracking competitions but also search and rescue and scent detection dogs.

The Labrador Retriever likes nothing more than working. This is true for American and English Labs.

Labs were originally bred for hunting water fowl, but you will often find it sniffing out bombs or drugs, searching and saving people, or helping guide the blind. It is also an excellent family dog for its playfulness and gentleness with children.

For over twenty years Labradors have been ranked as America’s top dog.

A Borador will be the combination of all these qualities.

They will not be as protective as the Border Collie and are often more accepting of strangers. They are also super smart which is what makes it so easy to train for first time owners. Finally, they are excellent with children and you will not have to worry about it herding children too much.

Temperament and Personality

Breed Characteristics
Family Friendly★★★★★(5)
Energy Levels★★★★★(5)
Ease of Training★★★★(4)
Shedding Frequency★★★★★(3)

A Borador loves its family and will do anything it can to spend as much time with them. Not only will it try to lick and snuggle everyone, but it also might be a bit protective without being overly aggressive like the Border Collie can sometimes be.

Being half Lab you know that this breed will be the perfect dog for families.

The border collie lab mix is incredibly gentle and playful which makes it an amazing dog for children. With the added smarts, you will find that they are bit less clumsy than a purebred Lab.

They are an incredibly loyal and protective breed that will always look after you.

While they are protective, they are also very sociable.

This mix has a people-pleaser attitude that loves seeking attention. No matter where you go with it, whether it is the dog park or a hike in the woods, it will be super friendly to all the people it meets.

The Borador also does really well around other dogs. You will find it more likely that it will want to play than bark at the other dogs.

If you are a person that can spend a lot of time with your dog, there is not a moment that will not be exciting or fun with this hybrid. This dog is full of energy. They love to make noise and will want to play and run around all day.

Having a retriever as a parent, playing ball might be one of their favorite activities to do. You might also find that your dog loves to swim when you take it to the beach, an activity that Labs are known to enjoy.

No matter what kind of sport you do with your dog, it should last for two hours a day.

Two hours of exercise can help get them into a relaxing mood at the end of the day. While this might be a long time, remember that this is also time that you get to bond with your dog which is invaluable for building your connection.

They need a lot of your attention. The border collie lab mix loves company!

If you are a person that is frequently not home, this mix might not be the best choice for you. They can develop separation anxiety which can result in destructive behaviors and barking.

Is A Borador A Smart Dog?

Boradors are a mix of the smartest dog breeds in the world.

Border Collies rank first and Labs rank pretty high on the smart scale too, taking fifth place. There is no question that Boradors are really smart dogs.

These dogs are so smart that they are going to need a lot of mental stimulation. Their brains were not meant to be idle. They have the working brains of their parents so a lot of stimulation is needed to keep them happy and feeling safe.

Things like puzzle toys are a great way to help these dogs use their brains, especially if you are away from home.

We know that they like chasing after things, so a ball with treats inside is a good option. Not only will they entertain themselves, but they will also be discouraged from becoming bored.

When a Borador is bored, it is going to be boisterous. Its brain is just itching to do something.

If you leave a border collie lab mix alone for too long it will find something to do. This could be chewing on your favorite cushion or barking at the squirrel they see out the window. They will do anything just to be entertained.

Training is another fun way to stimulate their brain.

This dog will do anything to please you and because it is so smart it will learn new commands right away. They are easily trainable which is one of the reasons why these dogs are so great for first time owners.

How Long Do Border Collie Lab Mixes Live?

Border collie x lab mix
You will have a dog that will be your best friend for 15 years!

The border collie lab mix is generally a very healthy dog breed. The life expectancy of a Borador is 10 to 15 years and it is uncommon for it to develop any serious health issues. Mixes in general tend to be healthier than purebred dogs as they can eliminate some inherited illnesses.

However, this does not mean that this breed will not inherit any health problems.

Both parents are prone to developing hip and elbow dysplasia. This disease could be inherited by a Borador puppy.

Joint problems can be serious later in life, so it is important that you do not over exercise your puppy as this can lead to increasing the risk of developing joint problems.

The border collie is also known for having eye problems such as progressive retinal atrophy, collie eye anomaly and lens luxation. These can be passed on and result in blindness.

A reputable breeder will make sure their dogs have undergone genetic testing before breeding. This will make sure your dog will not inherit eye problems.

Breeders should offer you proof of the parents’ medical background and test results.

What Do You Call A Border Collie Lab Mix?

The border collie lab mix is most commonly called a Borador!

However, there are also other names out there that people use for this popular mix. All of its names incorporate part or all of their parents’ names. The other possible names include:

  • Border Lab
  • Border Collie Lab
  • Lab Border

Borador is the most popular name used. It has the first syllable “Bor-“ in Border Collie with the last two syllables of Labrador, “-rador”.

Lab Collie or Labollie actually refer to a mix between the Rough Collie and a Lab, not the Border Collie. You should not use this name for this dog because you would be referring to another mixed breed.

Borador, Border Lab, Border Collie Lab, or Lab Border are all acceptable names when registering your puppy.


Boradors are a very popular border collie lab mix. They make excellent family pets because of their intelligence, friendliness, playfulness and gentleness around children.

These dogs often look like a small fluffy Labrador in the black and white colors of the Border Collie. A wide range of other appearances are also possible depending on the genes they inherit from either parent.

Boradors are the perfect dog if you are looking for the smaller and fluffier version of a Lab, but know that they are not made for everyone. They can be very needy when it comes to company, as they are the amped up version of the Labrador.

They can be a lot to deal with, but are incredible dogs for the right kind of person.

If you are a person that loves to spend time playing and outdoors with your dog, then the Borador will be no problem for you. They are at their happiest when they have a large yard to run in and a family that can keep up with all of their mental and energetic demands.

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