34 Border Collie Mixes: A-Z Of Collie Mix Breeds

Border Collies are herding dogs that are full of boundless energy. They are known for their intelligence, herding ability and workaholic nature.

These traits make Border Collies very popular on the farm, but some owners want a Collie as a companion dog. They want a friendlier, more playful pet that is less of a workaholic.

This is why Border Collie mixes are so popular. Breeders try to combine the best traits of both parents to create puppies that are friendlier and less hyperactive.

The list of Border Collie mix breeds is constantly growing. All of these dogs are unique in their own right, but the best mix for you will depend on what best suits your family. Keep reading to discover the top 34 mixes!

What Is A Border Collie Mix?

Border Collie Mixes

A Border Collie mix is a cross between a Border Collie and another dog breed.

Border Collies are one of the most popular dogs in America. Not only are they popular, but they are also the smartest dog breed in the world, affectionate and energetic. They love to play, run around all day and be beside you.

They are working dogs and have a lot of energy to burn. Their need for adventure can be a lot to handle for first time owners. So, some owners want a dog that has less of their crazy workaholic nature.

What makes crossbreeding so popular is that it can enhance some of the best Border Collie traits and remove some undesired ones.

The idea behind crossbreeding is to produce a healthier breed that has the best qualities and traits of both parents. Breeders try to cherry-pick everything they love and combine them into a mix. This is why they are known as “designer dogs.”

Designer mixes are relatively modern so they don’t have a whole lot of history. They were first bred around the 2000s with Golden Retriever mixed breeds such as the Mini Goldendoodle. Because of the designer dog movement there are now over 34 different mixes.

However, no mix will be identical.

Puppies will have different personalities and appearances, even within the same litter. No dog will ever have equal amounts of both parents’ traits. But, each mix is sure to be an excellent companion that will have the high-spirits of the Border Collie.

Some of the most popular mixes include:

  • The Shollie (German Shepherd x Border Collie).
  • The Aussie Shollie (Australian Shepherd and Border Collie).
  • The Border Lab (Labrador x Border Collie).

The most popular mix is likely the Bordoodle (Poodle x Border Collie) because it can inherit the non-hypoallergenic and curly coat of the Poodle and the smarts of the Border Collie. However, Border Labs are a close second. These Labrador mixes are the perfect balance between intelligence and friendliness, and are a bit more mellow.

A To Z Border Collie Mixes

MixPersonalityWeight (lbs.)SuitedRank
Afghan CollieEnergetic, loyal and friendly.30-50Families with older kids.26
American CollieFriendly, affectionate and playful.18-25Active family.33
BodatianEnergetic, hard-working and lovable.40-60Experienced and active owner.20
BoradorIntelligent, eager to please and friendly.40-70First time owners.2
Border AussieProtective, energetic and assertive.30-75Active families and experienced owners.3
BorgleEasy-going, friendly and loving.20-45Laid back families.11
BorderstaffLoyal, brave and dominant.30-45Experienced owners.15
Border CockerHyperactive, barky and attention-seeking.27-30Active families with children.14
BorderbullAlert, loyal and high energy.34-58Families with children.24
Border HuskyHigh stamina and energy.35-55Active owners.5
Border HeelerEnergetic, athletic and protective.30-50Active owners.8
Border TerrierEnergetic, lively and strong-willed.20-40Experienced owners.13
Border NewfieGentle, calm and aloof.88-125Active family.16
Border PointQuiet, focused and loyal.35-65Active owners.6
Border PyreneesGentle, lovable and quiet.30-120Families with small children.17
Border SchnauzerExuberant, faithful and affectionate.25-50Experienced owners.21
BordermuteExplosive, eager to please and loyal.45-60Active families.22
BorderneseGentle, easy going and friendly.40-80Families with young children.9
BordoodleIntelligent, affectionate and active.35-65Active families with children.1
BorgiSociable, friendly and mischievous.30-40Families with children.10
BoxollieCheerful, lively and affectionate.45-70Families with children.19
Brittany BorderIndependent, curious and affectionate.26-44Active or working family.27
CollieweilerSmart, protective and aloof.50-90Active family with older children.28
DobieProtective, smart and aggressive.40-90Experienced owners.30
English CollieIntelligent, loving and energetic.35-50Active family with young children.29
Golden BorderFriendly, easy-going and affectionate.28-50Families with young children.4
Great BorderConfident, smart and loyal.55-110Families with children.23
Kelpie CollieIndependent, energetic and friendly.25-50Active owner.32
Saint CollieDocile, intelligent and friendly.45-120Families with older children.25
Sheltie BorderEnergetic, yappy and intelligent.25-45Families with young children.18
SprollieSweet, energetic and smart.23-40Active families and experienced owners.12
ShollieIntelligent, protective and hard-working.70-80Active owner.7
VizslieLovable, affectionate and friendly.35-55Families with young children.34

1. Bordoodle


Parents: Border Collie and Poodle

What happens when you breed the two smartest dog breeds together? You get the Bordoodle. Bordoodles are an incredibly intelligent breed that is the most popular Border Collie mix.

Not only is this mix super smart, but it also has the really cute curls and teddy bear appearance of the Poodle with the black and white pattern of the Border Collie.

Bordoodles are perfect for families that want a highly obedient, affectionate and playful dog. These dogs love children and will play with them all day long.

While they are super easy to train, which will help to train-out their herding behaviors, their energy can be overwhelming for families who are not very active. Bordoodles need constant stimulation and exercise to keep their smart brains happy.

2. Borador


Parents: Border Collie and Labrador

The Borador is one of the most popular mixes because of its parent. You get half of America’s most popular dog breed and half of America’s smartest dog breed.

The result is a super intelligent mix that is highly sociable and family friendly.

Boradors are especially great for first time owners with kids because of how gentle they are. They are not hard to train and are very eager to please too.

A lot of people like Boradors because they are a slightly smaller version of the Labrador that comes with the long fluffy coat of a Border Collie.

3. Border Aussie

Border Aussie

Parents: Border Collie and Australian Shepherd

Border Aussies are a mix of two very similar dogs.

The Border Collie and Australian Shepherd are two of the best herding breeds. Expect a Border Aussie to have all the herding instincts of its parents and to be protective of your family.

Unless you have a job for this mix, it won’t be a great match for you.

Border Aussies normally look more like their Border Collie parent. They often have heterochromia, a condition in which they can have two different eye colors. Since they can sport either brown, blue, or green eye colors, they are known for their striking gaze.

4. Golden Border

Golden Border

Parents: Golden Retriever and Border Collie

The Golden Border or Golden Collie is one of the top favorite Border Collie mixes.

It strikes a perfect balance between the gentle and easy-going nature of the Golden Retriever with the high energy and hard-working attitude of the Border Collie.

Golden Borders are popular among families because of how trainable, playful and gentle they are with the kids. While they are the more mellowed version of the Border Collie, they still require a lot of exercise. A day in the life of you with your Golden Border might include playtime with kids in the morning, walking around the beach in the afternoon, and watching movies together in the evening.

These dogs can either take the golden or red color of the Golden or the black and white of the Border Collie in their feathery coat. But, they will never be a mix of both.

5. Border Husky

Border Husky

Parents: Border Collie and Siberian Husky

If you are looking for a new running partner, the Border Husky might just be it. Getting its stamina and love for running from the Husky, this mix is sure to keep you exercised all day long. It is probably the most active mix in the list.

Border Huskies are also very intelligent since both its parents rank very high on smart dog lists. However, the Border Husky might be a bit stubborn like the Husky. This makes them very hard to train.

Another trait this mix gets from the Husky is their wolf-like appearance. Normally the Border Husky will look like a Husky with the colors of the Border Collie.

These dogs are sociable and do not like being left alone. If you do leave them alone, then they could be very chatty. Make sure you give this dog all the attention it needs because it might just be howling all day if not.

6. Border Point

Border Point

Parents: Border Collie and German Pointer

Are you looking for a working dog that can hunt and herd? The Border Point is a versatile mix that can do both. This mix is skilled at tracking down small game, and also inherits the herding traits of the Collie.

Border Points are very high energy so make sure you have a job for this mix.

Unfortunately without exercise, they might be chasing and herding your cat or other household pets.

They are not meant for city living, but many people do not realize how extremely affectionate Pointers are. So after all of that running, your Border Point might just want to cuddle with you at the end of the day.

These dogs can inherit the merle of the Border Collie with the fawn spotting of the Pointer.

7. Shollie


Parents: German Shepherd and Border Collie

It may be surprising that the Shollie is not more popular than it is with a German Shepherd parent! Sometimes Shollies are mistaken for a multicolored German Shepherd since the traits of the Shepherd usually overpower those of the Border Collie.

Shollies are intelligent, protective and make an excellent guard dog. They are also extremely loyal, usually attaching to one person in the family whom they think as their master.

The Shollie is a workaholic and has the energy for it. If you do not have a job like herding or policing, you should be ready to take it on long runs. A lack of stimulation could cause these dogs to not only become anxious and destructive, but also aggressive.

Never leave your Shollie alone with children. They could start herding and nipping them.

8. Blue Collie

Blue Collie

Parents: Blue Heeler and Border Collie

The Blue Collie, also known as the Texas Heeler is a mix of two fantastic herding dogs. This Blue Heeler and Border Collie combo is sure to make your life exciting.

This mix is rapidly rising in popularity because of how athletic and smart they are. They are very popular in the world of canine sports and also love to work as herding dogs. They really do need an active and firm owner that can keep up with their intense energy and obedience training.

Blue Collies are an equal mix of both parents, but most inherit the blue speckling from the Blue Heeler.

9. Bordernese


Parents: Border Collie and Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bordernese is the perfect family dog if you want a mellowed-down version of the Border Collie.

Bernese Mountain dogs are so calm they balance out the hyperactivity of the Border Collie. This gives you a mix that is playful, gentle and makes an amazing friend for small children. First time owners will find this mix is a pleasure to have as part of the family.

The Bordernese is also very easy to train because it is eager-to-please and highly intelligent.

What is common to all Borderneses is their thick, long coat, dark brown eyes and their sweet face. They also commonly inherit the tri-color of the Bernese Mountain dog. This can make them look like a tri-color pitbull.

10. Borgi


Parents: Border Collie and Corgi

The Borgi is the perfect dog for a family in any sized house. This is a small, but very friendly mix that loves nothing more than playing tug of war and cuddling their family.

Borgis are not just adorable because of their short legs and small bodies, they are also very playful and affectionate. They have a cheeky side to them from their Corgi parent so expect them to be planning schemes and getting into mischief.

11. Borgle


Parents: Border Collie and Beagle

The Borgle, also known as the Border Beagle, combines one of the best herding dogs with the best scent hounds. These mixes will always have the goofy ears of the Beagle and the curly tail of the Border Collie.

Most commonly Borgles are bred to decrease the energy levels of the Border Collie.

This makes them excellent dogs for families who want a more relaxed Border Collie. Since they are on the smaller side and very playful, they will do well with young kids too.

12. Sprollie


Parents: Border Collie and Springer Spaniel

The Sprollie, or Border Springer, is a mellow working dog. This mix loves to hunt which means that it is very obedient and loyal. Though they can be a handful because they constantly look for attention. They need an experienced owner that knows exactly how to train them and can keep them company; since they do not like being left alone.

Sprollies are incredibly sweet and playful, so they make a great addition to any family.

Many of these mixes will have the body of the Springer Spaniel with the colors and markings of the Border Collie. But, their appearance is not guaranteed!

13. Border Terrier

Border Terrier

Parents: Border Collie and Jack Russell Terrier

The Border Terrier is known by many names like the Border Jack, Collie Terrier and Terrier Border Collie.

Border Terriers are one of the smallest Border Collie mixes. They are slightly taller than a Jack Russel with the colors and fur of a Border Collie.

Their small size does not mean that these dogs are less energetic. They are very energetic and can even be a bit aggressive and stubborn. Their aggressive traits come from its Terrier side.

The Border Terrier needs an owner that is willing to teach them so that they are not aggressive towards other dogs or children.

14. Border Cocker

Border Cocker

Parents: Border Collie and Cocker Spaniel

The Border Cocker, or Collie Cocker, is probably one of the most headstrong dogs. It has an incredibly high stamina and will probably have you chasing after it all day. It also loves to bark, which can be a nuisance.

These dogs typically look as if the head and face of the Cocker Spaniel were put onto the body of the Border Collie.

Border Cockers are meant to heard, they can only become great family dogs if trained at an early age. They love to be the center of attention and the only way to keep them happy is to constantly give them love.

15. Borderstaff


Parents: Border Collie and Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Borderstaffs are probably the bravest mix. Most of these mixes look like a Staffy with their short tail and muscular build. Because of this they make great guard dogs. They are extremely loyal dogs and will protect you at any cost.

However, their guarding traits do not mean that they do not keep the playfulness of the Border Collie.

Borderstaffs love affection and playing with kids. They can make good family dogs, just keep in mind that they can be stubborn and dominant so they require lots of training.

16. Border Newfie

Border Newfie

Parents: Border Collie and Newfoundland

Border Newfies are fluffy giants. They are one of the biggest Border Collie mixes because of their Newfoundland parent. Both parents are herding dogs, but the Newfoundland is generally calmer and passes on this trait to the Border Newfie.

While these dogs are as active as any other mix, they make great companions for families with children because of their gentle nature.

Border Newfies might be furry huge teddy bears, but they can intimidate anyone who looks suspicious with their size. They make excellent guard dogs and will be very protective of their family because they are quite aloof to strangers.

17. Border Pyrenees

Border Pyrenees

Parents: Border Collie and Great Pyrenees

The Border Pyrenees is a very rare mix.

These giant fluff balls are just what you need for those little kids that want play and cuddle with the dog for hours without end. The Border Pyrenees is very gentle and sweet with children. They think of themselves as small lapdogs, even if they are huge dogs with thick, heavy coats best suited for the outdoors.

18. Sheltie Border

Sheltie Border

Parents: Shetland Sheepdog and Border Collie

Sheltie Borders, or Border Sheepdogs, are another mix that is great at herding. They are the offspring of two great herding dogs, the Border Collie and the Shetland Sheepdog. These fur balls, who are even fluffier than the Border Collie, look like Sheepdogs but with the white and black colors of Border Collies.

The Sheltie Border is full of energy, and loves running around the yard being loud. They can be quite yappy so you will know when anyone is approaching your house.

Even though their energy might seem uncontrollable at times, these mixes are actually quite easy to train because of their intelligence. They are also incredibly kind so make excellent family pets after a hard day’s work.

19. Boxollie


Parents: Boxer and Border Collie

Do you want a mix that is protective, but not as energy intense as the Border Collie? The Boxollie fits right into this description. It makes a great companion for families who cannot go to the dog park every day for an hour.

These dogs make excellent watchdogs, and while Boxers are thought of being aggressive, the truth is that the Boxolie is very affectionate and loves playing with children. After a day of having fun they will be happy snuggling with you on the couch.

The Boxollie will look like a type of Boxer dog and inherits a strong body and short to medium length coat.

20. Bodatian


Parents: Border Collie and Dalmatian

Mixing a Border Collie and Dalmatian is not an obvious choice, which is why you won’t see many Bodatians. These lovely dogs can have the coat of a Border Collie and the spots of a Dalmatian.

Bodatians can be friendly and protective of their family, but they also like to be independent and do their own thing. They will need an experienced owner who can handle their high activity levels and need for work.

21. Border Schnauzer

Border Schnauzer

Parents: Border Collie and Standard Schnauzer

The Border Schnauzer is basically a Border Collie-colored Schnauzer. Mixing the Border Collie’s intelligence with the spunk of the Schnauzer can give you a mix that is a handful, so the Border Schnauzer is not recommended for first time owners.

Border Schnauzers are highly energetic and athletic. This dog is a workaholic and can do a number of jobs such as herding, flushing out vermin, and guarding the house against strangers.

With proper training this dog can make an excellent family pet as they want to be loved. They will always stick by your side no matter what.

22. Bordermute


Parents: Border Collie and Alaskan Malamute

This rare mix is bred from the Alaskan Malamute, a larger and more sophisticated cousin of the Alaskan Husky. Many people often confuse the Bordermute with the Border Husky because of their wolf-like appearance, but they are not the same. Just like Malamutes and Huskies are different.

Bordermutes are explosive and quick on their feet. They are also very intelligent, which means they need a lot of mental and physical stimulation. You should not leave them alone for too long because they can become destructive and even aggressive.

They need an active family that can give them a lot of time and handle their intensity. In return, they are sure to reward them with boundless loyalty and affection.

23. Great Border

Parents: Great Dane and Border Collie

The Great Border is the tallest dog on this list. They are a bigger, calmer version of a Border Collie, but with short hair. Since it is a big mix, and half Border Collie, it needs a lot of space to play and shake off its energy.

This dog is easy-going because of its gentle Great Dane parent, though its protective instincts from the Border Collie make it aloof around strangers. It can warm up to visitors with a slow introduction but often acts like a watch dog.

24. Borderbull


Parents: Border Collie and Pitbull

Borderbulls, also known as Border Pits, can be a bit intimidating at first sight. They have the strong body and face of the Pitbull. But, in reality, like all Pitbulls they are one of the friendliest and loving dogs.

Since this mix is so loving, they are known to suffer from separation anxiety.

Borderbulls will not do well if left alone for too long.

They need to snuggle with you and feel loved. But while they love cuddling on the sofa with you, beware of their high energy. If they are not properly exercised, they can be destructive and get into trouble.

25. Saint Collie

Saint Collie

Parents: Saint Bernard and Border Collie

The Border Collie and Saint Bernard are two completely different dogs, but this mix works well. The Saint Bernard’s gentle nature mellows down the hyper-activity Border Collie. If you are enjoying a movie at home, your big fluffy Saint Collie is sure to settle down and relax with you. However, they can still be pretty spunky.

Saint Collies do not trust strangers and can be cautious around kids. It is important you train this mix early to prevent fear aggression.

26. Afghan Collie

Afghan Collie

Parents: Afghan Hound and Border Collie

The Afghan Collie is the rarest type of Border Collie. It is incredibly unique and has a beautiful long thick coat. It is a medium sized mix that results from the crossing of an Afghan Hound, a hunting breed, with a Border Collie, a herding breed.

This dog is incredibly versatile, because of its heritage. It can do a number of different jobs and activities including tracking, retrieving, scent detection, obedience and agility.

Afghan Collies love to work, which means they can be hyper. While it is an incredible sweetheart, because of its energy it is best suited for families with older children.

27. Brittany Border

Brittany Border

Parents: Brittany Spaniel and Border Collie

The Brittany Border has no off button. It always wants to be involved in intense play and be the center of attention. Constant stimulation and needing to be loved does mean the Brittany Border tends to become anxious if left alone.

Taking care of this dog will require a family that not only can spend lots of time with it but can keep it active or working.

If this mix inherits the short tail of the Brittany Spaniel, then you will be sure to have an unusual looking Border Collie hybrid.

28. Collieweiler


Parents: Border Collie and Rottweiler

The Collieweiler makes an excellent watch dog because of the Rottweiler’s tendency to guard and the Border Collie’s aloofness. They are perhaps one of the best guard dogs and are very loyal.

When it is not guarding, this mix is a huge lovebug. They just want to cuddle with you and be a lapdog. The Collieweiler needs a family that will have lots of fun with it and laugh at its silly faces since it can be a bit dopey like its Rottweiler parent.

This dog is like a taller, slender version of the Rottweiler.

29. English Collie

English Collie

Parents: English Setter and Border Collie

The English Collie is the perfect combination between good natured and high intensity.

Since the Border Collie is a herding dog and the English Setter is a hunting dog, this mix is very aware of its surroundings and will want to chase anything that moves. Though gentler than the Border Collie, it is a spirited dog that loves to work hard and play rough.

English Collies need an owner that can handle all of its energy. It can be barky and nippy if not properly trained.

These beautiful mixes can have any color combination of black, white, blue, and brown. Often their tail, legs, underside, chest and ears will have silky feathering.

30. Dobie


Parents: Doberman and Border Collie

This lean and powerful dog is not to be messed with. Dobies can be aggressive to strangers and new people, which is what makes it so great for its job in the police and military.

Most of the time the Dobie will have a fluffy coat in the colors and markings of the Doberman. Sometimes this mix has the odd splash of white from the Collie, giving it a unique look.

31. Borderstiff


Parents: Border Collie and Mastiff

The Borderstiff is the largest Border Collie mix in the list. Normally this mix looks like an overgrown Border Collie with the head of the Mastiff.

Borderstiffs are a well-balanced giant. Gentle and sweet at home but excitable and active outside of the house, this dog is great for families who just want a bit of both calm and excitement. It is great with children, but will require a large home just because of its size.

32. Kelpie Collie

Kelpie Collie

Parents: Australian Kelpie and Border Collie

The Kelpie Collie is just the mix people look for when they need a dog that can enjoy being on its own. This dog is very independent and not as needy as other Collie mixes. If you like to go outdoors and need a dog that can think for itself, then the Kelpie Collie might be just the perfect match.

However, in exchange for not needing you too much, they demand to be exercised a lot. Most families will not be able to handle the exercise this dog needs; its energy seems unending.

33. American Collie

American Collie

Parents: American Eskimo and Border Collie

American Collies are one of the smaller mixes, but what it lacks in size, it gains in personality. They are a black and white furry bundle of joy that is super friendly and outgoing. They love to have fun and will make you laugh with their silliness, which they get from their American Eskimo parent.

These mixes are very energetic and athletic. They are better suited to living in a place with a large yard where they can run in than an apartment.

34. Vizslie


Parents: Vizsla and Border Collie

The Vizslie might not be the most popular, but this dog is no less wonderful.

This mix’s adorable huge ears will make you fall in love with it. It is a complete sweetheart that just wants to be next to you all the time. It loves children too, and it is very playful, so expect lots of laughing, running, tugging, and chasing around the house.

Vizslies will fit right into your family, but sometimes maybe too much so. If left alone for too long it can develop separation anxiety. The Vizslie needs to be active each and every day, but they do not care what they are doing as long as it is with their family.

Why Get A Border Collie Mix?

You will fall in love with whichever mix you adopt.

Each one is special in their own way.

If you want a playful pup that isn’t as hyperactive as a purebred Border Collie then the Golden Border is a great choice. If you love going out on hikes in the woods or need a dog that can work on the farm, then consider getting the Kelpie Collie.

Whichever Collie suits you best, know that all Border Collie mixes are amazing and beautiful.

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