How Much Is A Border Collie? Puppy Price By Color

If you want a smart dog you won’t get one smarter than the Border Collie. But these farm dogs are much more than their smarts.

They are playful, friendly and great for families with kids. If you want a dog that loves to run around all day and stick by your side then they make the perfect choice.

There are different colors and types of Collies. Some are agility champions or service dogs, others are high energy family pets. These different types will have different prices.

The most expensive Border Collie was sold for $35,000. This might seem a lot, but the good news is that the average dog owner won’t pay nearly as much. Continue reading to find out just how much is a Border Collie.

How Much Does A Border Collie Cost?

Border Collie Price

Border Collies that are bred to be family pets cost between $500 and $1,800. If you go searching the web for a puppy you might find some that fall between $250 and $1,000. If you look for puppies from the American Kennel Club marketplace then most will cost between $1,500 and $2,500.

The nationwide average price is $700 for a Border Collie puppy.

Many factors affect their price:

  • A puppy will be more than an older dog.
  • Purebred puppies with papers are more than mixed Border Collies.
  • Breeders will charge different amounts in different states.
  • Color is another factor for example white and black is cheaper than red merle.

What really changes the price of a Border Collie is the type you get.

A puppy from a Champion Bloodline will cost more than the average pet without papers. Champion dogs are made for competitions like agility or herding and are born from good bloodlines. For most families this type of puppy is not what they are looking for.

Pet puppies cost between $500 and $1,800 which is much cheaper than the $2,500 for a champion puppy.

The average Border Collie price is $700 for a puppy without papers. In Pennsylvania the average is $700 like the national average, but in the neighboring state of Ohio the average is $800.

Prices fluctuate slightly between states because of demand. They often cost more in rural states where families and famers have houses and yards large enough for them to run and play.

The cheapest place to adopt one is from a rescue center. Adoption fees vary between shelters, but you can expect to pay about $300 or less.

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Border Collies end up in shelters often because they need a home that will engage their wonderful brain and get their muscles moving. Shelters mostly have senior dogs, but these dogs will still show you a lot of eagerness, smarts and playfulness.

How Much Is A Border Collie

Border Collie Puppy Price

Pet Puppy$700$500$1,800
Purebred Puppy$1,500$2,500$4,000

Pet puppies are relatively cheap and can be affordable for most families.

If you are not interested in bloodline or official kennel club papers a puppy will cost between $500 and $1,800. Typically people will pay towards the lower end of the range around $700 when adopting a pup.

Pet varieties often cost less because they might come without any papers like health certificates and registration documents. If you are not interested in a purebred Collie this option is much more affordable.

Price alone can be a very tempting factor, but be forewarned that many puppies sold for under $1,000 are bred by backyard breeders or puppy mills.

To be able to sell puppies for under $1,000 many breeders overbreed and are not concerned with the puppies’ health. They do not health test the parents and cannot guarantee a puppy is 100% purebred.

Border Collies are prone to developing diseases such as hip dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, deafness, epilepsy, and Collie eye anomaly. There is no guarantee that pet puppies will not have inherited any of these diseases if health papers for the parents do not exist.

A breeder without health papers cannot guarantee that your puppy will be healthy.

You will also have to spend money on getting your puppy vaccinated and spayed. Often puppy mills do not vaccinate puppies before re-homing them.

Puppies will cost less initially, but if you cannot find a reputable breeder you will end up adopting a dog that isn’t healthy and might not be 100% purebred.

Purebred Border Collie Price

White and Black Border Collie

Buying a Border Collie for sale from a recognized breeder is more expensive, but in the long run you will be saving money. Your Collie is less likely to develop any genetic health issues so you will not have to spend so much on veterinary bills.

Purebred Border Collie prices from a reputable breeder are usually between $1,500 and $2,500. In rare circumstances when puppies come from a champion bloodline they might cost $4,000. These puppies are expensive, but it is because they are made for competing.

A typical pet owner will not pay $4,000 because they do not want a good show dog that will win an agility competition!

Professional breeders are very meticulous in raising their puppies and all of these investments are what drives up the Border Collie price.

They genetically health test the parents, get health certifications and register their litters with kennel clubs. Typically purebred dogs are registered with the American Kennel Club in the US, so you will get your puppy already registered.

Breeders will also pay the initial veterinary costs for the puppy until the time of re-homing. Many will also give a health guarantee.

Reputable breeders will also ensure that the puppy is up to date on all of its vaccines and preventatives, and is microchipped. The vet can also check the puppies for any birth defects. They can do orthopedic and eye exams on the puppies and give a health approval that the puppies do not have any joint or eye issues that are common for the breed.

Their goal is to ensure that you are getting a purebred dog that it is perfectly healthy and adheres to the breed standard for temperament and ability. This breed should be highly intelligent, energetic and athletic. A true Border Collie is a workaholic that loves to do whatever task you assign it, whether it is helping you out on the farm or herding a flock of sheep.

Adoption Price

Adoption is the cheapest option for buying a Border Collie.

The price of Border Collie adoption will vary depending on the shelter and its location. In most circumstances you can expect to pay $300 or less.

Shelters do spend money on getting their Border Collies adoption ready, but they do not sell them for much as professional breeders. If you are trying to save money, or want to re-home an older Collie with a known temperament, a shelter is the best way to go.

A shelter will offer you a healthy dog for sale that has been vaccinated, microchipped, neutered and up to date with its preventatives. They may not know much about the dog’s history or pedigree status, but they are a much better choice than a puppy mill.

Keep in mind that most shelters will probably have older dogs instead of puppies.

If you are looking for a puppy then you are more likely to find one from a breeder. If you are not interested in age or pedigree status then adopting from a shelter is an excellent option.

These dogs will be equally smart, trainable and are sure to fit in with a high energy family. They will love to run around all day and stick by your side on your next big outdoor adventure.

Price List By Color

Red and White Border Collie
Another factor that can affect price is color.

Border Collies are famous for their classic black and white coat, but they also come in a huge variety of other colors. The breed standard recognizes 17 different colors which include black, blue, gold, red, blue merle, gold and lilac.

The color of a Border Collie’s coat will affect its price because some colors are harder to breed than others.

For example the classic white and black coat is very common because it was the color of choice when breeding working Collies for herding sheep. This makes the classic black and white coat the cheapest at around $500.

Other coat colors like blue merle are rarer since it requires one of the parents to be merle. This increases the blue merle Border Collie Price. The same breeder that charges $500 for a white and black may charge $1,500 for a blue merle.

The general rule is the rarer the color the more expensive they will be.

Red and white Border Collies are like black and white pups, but with red patches instead of black. The red is inherited by a recessive gene so they will be slightly rarer and more expensive than their black and white siblings.

Lilacs are not a very common color either so they can cost $1,600. Lilac merles are even rarer and more expensive at over $3,000.

Prices for different types of Border Collie colors can overlap. Remember that location and breeder can also affect price. In general breeders will sell rarer colors for more.

White and Black$500 to $2,500
Blue Merle$600 to $3,500
Red and White$600 to $2,500
Lilac$700 to $1,600

For someone looking to adopt a standard black and white pet they can expect to pay between $500 and $1,800. This fee will then increase based on color, pedigree status, kennel club registration and health checks.

When comparing puppies from the same breeder a black and white puppy will be the cheapest. Merles will be the most expensive.

What To Know Before Buying A Puppy

Border Collie Puppy

Border Collies are adorable and smart, but they certainly are not for every family.

This dog breed was originally bred to herd cattle and sheep which means that they are very active and hardworking. They love to work and can easily run around all day.

They are not bred for families who live in small houses and do not get outside much.

Border Collies need a specific type of owner that knows exactly how to handle their high energy levels and need for work. They are best suited for people who live out in the country and have lots of space for them to run. That is what these dogs love to do.

If you do not have a job for your Collie on a farm, then make sure you have plenty of time. You will be spending hours throwing a ball or teaching agility. They will fly through an agility course with ease because that is what they were made for.

They are an incredibly loving and loyal breed that wants to be by your side all the time. They are the kind of dog a farmer wants. The one that will always stand by your side and watch over your family, a trait which they get from herding.

These dogs need a lot of time, patience and exercise. If they do not get the exercise they need they might develop separation anxiety, start whining or become destructive.

If you are not very active or are rarely at home, this breed is not suitable. A dog similar to the Border Collie but a bit more mellow, is the Golden Retriever. Golden Retrievers are very playful and energetic too, but they won’t be as needy. If you have a large yard and love to be outdoors, you might find them perfect.

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A lot of people might think that because these dogs are the smartest dogs in the world, they are easy to train. But that is not always true.

Border Collies can be difficult when training because of how smart they are. This is one of the reasons why they are not recommended for first time owners. They really need someone who knows what they are doing to engage their super smart doggy brain.

Collies need fun and interactive training sessions that will keep them on their toes and will work their brains. You need to be creative with them when training!

These dogs are incredibly intelligent, loyal and energetic. They make perfect pets for active families with lots of time and patience.

Fun Facts

  • The highest price that someone has ever paid for a Border Collie was $35,000. Kim was a red and white sold to an English farmer via online auction. She was valued at such a high amount because of her incredible intelligence and ability to work on the farm. She was one year old, but was able to work at the same level as a three year old.
  • Merle tends to be the most expensive coat types. When the merle coat is mixed with a rare solid color, then puppies quickly become very expensive. Blue merle or lilac merle coats are incredibly rare and are only sold by a handful of breeders. These puppies are often over $4,000.
  • The most expensive Border Collie in the US was sold for $24,000. An Oklahoma farmer bought Megan from Northumberland to help herd Wagyu cattle. Megan was two and a half years old and is a descendant of an impressive bloodline of working Collies.
  • The most expensive Border Collies come from England. Kim, Megan and other Collies like Henna all have prices over $20,000. However, the average price of a pet is not that different from the U.S. In England these dogs normally cost between $800 to $2,000.

Is It Expensive To Own A Border Collie?

Red Merle Border Collie

Each month a Border Collie can cost anywhere between $50 and $125 depending on their age, diet and lifestyle.

The amount of money that you spend will depend on:

  • Brands of food and toys you buy.
  • Type of training and agility classes you take.
  • How often you use the groomer.
  • The vet you visit.

Owning a Border Collie is a commitment that will last from 12 to 15 years. During that time you can spend as much as $17,000 with annual costs around $1,000 to $1,500. This includes their food, vet fees, training and toys.

It is really important that you take your puppy to the vet for shots during the first few months. Your puppy must be up to date with all of its vaccines and preventatives so that it stays healthy. It is possible to spend as much as $1,200 on vet visits alone during their first year. Usually after the first year people only visit the vet annually and spend between $50 to $300.

If you adopt a puppy it is really important that you enroll it in obedience classes and some form of dog sport. You might think that because Border Collies are really smart you might be able to train your puppy at home, but these dogs can be difficult.

An experienced dog trainer might want to train their Border Collie at home, but if you don’t have any experience it is best that you enroll them in live puppy classes. Sessions can be around $50 for puppy training and $20 for agility or flyball training.

A lot of families adopt these dogs to train them for sports, which is a great alternative to farm work. These dogs are known for their agility skills. Unfortunately agility equipment can be pretty expensive. Obstacle tunnels and A frames can cost $300 to $1,300. Some people might even enroll them in agility competitions which can be $500 a year.

Grooming is another important part of their care and cost.

The good thing is that they are not high maintenance. Brushing them once or twice a week to keep their coats mat and tangled free is the best form of grooming.

Border Collies will do just fine visiting a professional once or twice a year. Each grooming session is about $50 to $100. They do not need to visit a professional groomer as often as a dog like a Poodle whose haircuts are very high-maintenance.

All Border Collies should be fed high-quality kibble that is suitable for their age and energy levels.

An average adult that weighs 30 to 55 pounds should be fed 1 to 2 cups of dry food daily. This can cost between $20 and $60 per month.

Other miscellaneous costs include things like toys, a leash and collar, a bed, crate, supplies, monthly preventatives, and treats. Toys and treats are especially important for keeping them stimulated and happy.

Monthly Expenses
Health Insurance$50
Training Sessions$50
Toys and treats$25
General Supplies$30


Pet$500 to $1,800
Purebred$1,500 to $4,000
Adoption$100 to $300

On average a pet puppy Border Collie can cost between $800 and $1,800. You might find some puppies for as cheap as $500, but they often come from backyard breeders or puppy mills.

Pedigree puppies purchased from the American Kennel Club’s marketplace can be anywhere between $1,500 and $4,000. Puppies from champion bloodlines will always be closer to $4,000.

The cheapest dogs will be found in shelters and cost $100 to $300. These dogs are usually adults, but they are a much better choice than a puppy mill and are often healthier.

Color can also affect the cost of a Border Collie.

Black and white Border Collies are the cheapest, while rare colors like merle will cost more. You could pay $4,000 for a rare blue merle puppy, while a black and white puppy will typically cost you around $1,000.

Yearly costs for owning this breed can reach as much as $2,500, but are more likely to be around $1,000. These expenses include food, vet bills, insurance and dog walkers.

Buying and keeping this dog is an investment, but in the end it will all be worth it. You will have the smartest and most loyal dog by your side.

Did you adopt a Collie? Why not check out our best border collie names and let us know how much you paid in the comments below.

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