How Much Is A Cane Corso? Cane Corso Price By State

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Intelligent and trainable, the Cane Corso is the gold standard of guard dogs.

If you are looking for a guard dog, look no further. With a name that translates from Latin to “bodyguard” this breed is built for the job.

Cane Corsos were only recently brought to America, but they are growing in popularity.

As their popularity increases, their price can too. The most expensive can run to $6,000. But, this cane corso price is not the standard. Their cost varies depending on color, breeder and state.

If you are considering buying a cane corso then keep reading to learn how much are cane corsos.

How Much Is A Cane Corso?

How Much Is A Cane Corso

The price of cane corso puppies in the US is approximately $2,100. However you should expect to pay anywhere between $800 and $6,000 depending on the puppy. Their price will depend on color, where you purchase the puppy from, as well as what state.

If you are looking to purchase a purebred cane corso it will always be on the more expensive side.

Most professional breeders will stick to the breed standards allowing their puppies to be certified by a kennel club. These puppies will always be more expensive.

Cane Corso puppies with kennel club papers are on average about $500 more expensive than those without.

The dog’s bloodline or guarding history can also increase the price.

Breeders take pride in having puppies for sale that represent the breed well and have strong guarding temperaments. Cane Corso’s are known for their large size and protective nature. Their original purpose was as an Italian guard dog.

If a dog has a linage that can be traced back to Italy, they are more likely to have the traits representative of the breed. However, the price tag will increase significantly too.

Then there is the coloring. There are certain colors of cane corso that dominate the breed such as fawn and ‘black and tan’. These colors will always show up more often because they are dominant.

Rare colors like grey are normally more expensive. On average a fawn Cane Corso will run to around $1,600, whereas a grey is almost double the price at $3,000!

Finally, cane corso puppy prices are usually $800 more expensive than adult dogs.

Adult Price

Cane Corso Price

The cost of an adult Cane Corso will be much cheaper than that of a puppy. This is not unique to this breed, for example an adult French Bulldog is around $1,300 cheaper than a puppy. Normally any purebred adult dog will be cheaper than its puppy counterpart.

However, there are some advantages to buying a full grown Cane Corso.

You will be able to undertake a full hip and elbow screen to check for dysplasia. Hip and elbow dysplasia is very common in the breed and cannot be screened for in puppies.

Adult cane corsos will also not require the same time and energy that socializing and guard training a puppy will take.

In general an adult Cane Corso will be ~$1,300.

Cane Corso Price by Age
Puppy$800 and $6,000$2,100
Adult$300 to $2,000$1,300

Adult Cane corsos for sale are typically still very young, ranging from 1-3 years of age. Some of the more expensive adult dogs can be found from breeders who have spent significant time training their cane corsos to become guard dogs.

Cane corso protection dogs can range from $2,100 to $6,000 depending on the pedigree and training.

However if you are looking to just buy a Cane Corso puppy as a family dog, the extra money spent on training may be unnecessary. If you are looking for a guard dog, this may be worth the investment.

If you are looking for something cheaper, you may want to consider adopting a Cane Corso from a rescue. Take note however that the dogs are typically are older than 3 years of age.

Many Cane Corsos are also being banned by landlords across the country due to their aggressive and protective nature. Many are being rehomed because they are unable to live with their owners due to these restrictions.

Puppies have no established behavioral problems and you are free to raise and train them as you want. There are also many more breeders and options to choose from versus an adult dog.

The adoption fees of a cane corso vary, but they are “free to a good home” to about $250.

If you are interested in buying a Cane Corso from a rescue, remember the availability of adult dogs is far less than puppies. Some states like California have breed specific rescues like cane corso rescue.

Cane Corso Puppy Price

Cane Corso Puppies

The price of a Cane Corso puppy tends to be around $2,100.

Males also tend to be slightly more expensive in comparison to females. On average males are about $100 dollars more. This is because males tend to have more of a guard dog instinct than females.

However, the price of a puppy will vary most depending on who sells it. A puppy from a reputable breeder will generally be more expensive than purchasing from an unknown individual.

The average price of a cane corso puppy that comes with registration papers is $2,160. Whereas without papers they are much cheaper at around $1,600. Typically individuals selling puppies do not have papers for their puppies.

Papers may not seem important, but they are a means of ensuring your puppy is coming from a good bloodline and pedigree. The registration process also requires examination and screening from a veterinarian to rule out common genetic disorders.

You will pay around $500 less if you buy a cane corso without papers, however you will assume more risk.

There will not be any information on how they breed their puppies, their parents, pedigree or health.

Many other factors can influence a cane corso’s price, most notably the pedigree, location (which state) and color. Some more minor factors that can affect the price include vaccination status, microchipping, and health clearance by your veterinarian (health certificate).

Cost By State

Cane Corso Dog
The price of a puppy varies greatly by region and state.

Breeders will charge more for a puppy the closer you are to a metropolitan area. In general, the more rural the breeder, the lower the price of the puppy will be. This does not mean that the puppies are from a bad genetic stock, it is just a reflection of the difference in the cost of living throughout the US.

The cost of living in metropolitan areas is higher, regardless of state.

Cane corso prices will also vary by state.

By far the most expensive state to buy a Cane Corso puppy is California, prices are $3,000 or more. However there is a much larger variety of kennel club registered puppies in California.

The advantage of traveling to a state like California is that you have more puppies and breeders to compare. You are thereby more likely to pick the puppy that is best for you and your family.

The cheapest state to purchase pups is Texas. Although there seem to be fewer breeders in Texas, there is still significantly more than in other states or regions. The mid-west has the least number of cane corso breeders per capita, followed by the northeastern.

If you live in one of these regions and would like a quality puppy, you may need to travel.

It may seem like a great idea to buy from a different state, especially if you live in an area where Cane Corsos are particularly expensive. But when you factor in the fees of travel and the heath certificate required for state border crossing, it usually is cheaper to buy in your area.

You can see prices by state and region in the table below:

State or RegionAverageRange
California$3,000$3,000 to $6,000
Maryland$2,700$2,200 to $3,500
Tennessee$2,500$2,000 to $2,900
North Carolina$2,100$1,500 to $2,500
South Carolina$1,900$1,600 to $2,000
West$1,900$1,500 to $2,500
Texas$1,700$800 to $2,500
Southwest$1,600$500 to $2,000
Southeast$1,100$250 $2,500
Midwest$850$400 $1,300
Northeast$700$550 to $750

Cost By Color

Cane Corsos come in a variety of colors, seven of which are recognized by major kennel clubs:

  1. Black
  2. Fawn
  3. Gray
  4. Gray brindle
  5. Red
  6. Black brindle
  7. Chestnut brindle

When buying a cane corso puppy you may also see combinations of the colors above such as fawn and red with a black mask around the eyes. These color patterns are still recognized by the breed standard.

If breed standard is not important to you, then you can find many other color combinations. The most popular is the very unique looking blue fawn, in which the grey-blue coat fades into fawn. Blues can reach $2,400.

It can be difficult to pick between all the color varieties. So you may be wondering, does color really matter? When it comes to health, not really.

All of the standard breed colors listed above are not linked with any known genetic disorders. No matter what color you choose their health will not be affected. This is true for all colors of Labradors too.

However, when it comes to cane corso price, color does matter.

Certain color varieties will be cheaper than others. Chestnut and fawn Cane Corsos are by far the cheapest. Brindle and black are middle of the road at around $2,000. Gray is the most expensive color at $3,000.

Blue Fawn$2,400

Price From A Breeder

Adopting a Cane Corso puppy from a professional breeder is normally the best idea for families who want a pet. Breeders will help match you and your family’s needs with the puppy’s temperament.

It is important when choosing a puppy to avoid the mistake of purchasing from a backyard breeder or a puppy mill. These places typically produce puppies of poor quality due to inexperience, inbreeding and bad genetics. All of these breeding practices can lead to puppies with health issues.

Cane Corso puppies from professional breeders are normally in good health, adhere to the breed standard and have a reliable guarding temperament.

But purchasing a dog from a breeder is more expensive.

The average price of a cane corso puppy from a breeder that comes with registration papers is $2,160. Without papers the average is $1,620. This is quite a significant price difference. It can be well worth the money if you want proof that you have a healthy puppy with a pedigree.

It can be difficult to decide whether or not you want to purchase a puppy from a breeder.

If you decide to buy from a breeder, it can still be a daunting task. There are so many to choose from!

First and foremost, you need to ensure that your breeder is responsible, especially with a powerful breed like the Cane Corso. They are very dominant dogs and they may not be for everyone. First time owners may not be familiar with their guarding nature and be unable to read their body language. This is not the type of breed that you should impulse buy!

You should start your search for a Cane Corso breeder in the right place.

Do not buy a cane corso from a pet store or Craigslist. It is much more difficult to find a reputable breeder this way. Backyard breeders and puppy mill pups are commonly posted on these websites.

Puppies have a wide price range from breeders and more expensive is not always equal to better.

Many breeders that post on places like Craigslist can charge thousands of dollars for a cane corso. They make claims such as champion bloodlines or Italian heritage, but this usually cannot be proven.

Reputable breeders typically have more than a posting, they will have a professional website too. The best breeders will also let you speak with previous customers so you can get an idea of their breed’s temperament and size.

A good place to start your search is the Cane Corso Association of America.

Keep in mind that the closest breeder may not be the best one, so search other locations and weigh out your options. It is advised that you do your own research and contact many breeders before making a decision.

A relationship should be established with the breeder before purchase. This way you can ensure they are coming from a healthy pedigree and a good home where they have been cared for and socialized properly. This is essential because an inappropriately socialized Cane Corso can be dangerous. They can express their guarding traits toward other animals or small children.

Asking the right questions when contacting breeders can help you make a better decision:

  • “What are your breeding for?” can help you determine if they will sell the type of dog you are looking for in terms of color, personality and temperament.
  • “Do you have registration papers?” will help you verify the bloodline and pedigree of your cane corso.
  • “Have the parents been screened for hip and elbow dysplasia?” can help you to find a healthy puppy that comes from good genetics.

Another sign of a good breeder is if they ask you about your home during your conversation. Great cane corso breeders love their dogs and want to see them placed in good homes for life.

Do not be surprised if a breeder asks you questions regarding your living situation and lifestyle. This is because Cane Corsos can unfortunately be used for bad intensions. Quality breeders will not knowingly sell their puppies into a bad home.

Lastly when contacting a breeder, remember that the price quoted can vary.

Some Cane Corso breeders will quote a price that includes ear cropping and tail docking as part of their purchasing fee. There is no medical or health reason for ear cropping or tail docking, it is purely cosmetic. Ear cropping is common in Pitbulls and other guarding breeds too.

Ear cropping or tail docking is something that is legal, but the American veterinary medicine association opposes these practices when done solely for cosmetic purposes.

Some breeders may also include other fees such as veterinary care, vaccines, altering, and microchipping in their price. Others may not include any of these items in the price.

Cost of Adopting a Cane Corso

Adopting A Cane Corso

Adopting a Cane Corso will almost always be the cheapest option.

On average purebred Cane Corsos less than one year old will be $600, dogs older than one will be “free to a good home” to about $250.

Many times only a small adoption fee is asked for to cover the fee for vaccines.

It is recommended that when adopting you always meet the cane corso you are interested in before purchasing. Adults often have a set temperament and guarding behaviors that can be very difficult to alter.

Cane Corsos have a history of being bred as guard dogs and are still bred for this today. This means that they have been selected for traits that can be very aggressive. Often dogs end up in adoption facilities because they were abandoned due to aggression or guarding issues.

When trained properly, these aggressive traits can be controlled and only expressed when there is a threat to you your family, or your home.

However, sometimes they are not trained properly.

Cane Corsos can unfortunately become aggressive in unpredictable or inappropriate ways. They are often protective and mistrustful of strangers, aggressive towards men and overly defensive of small children.

For these reasons it is very important that you meet the dog first and learn its temperament.

A good adoption center will know the temperament of the dog and can recommend a family based on their lifestyle and dynamic. They will be able to guide you.

Most adoption agencies and shelters will not consider you as a potential home if you have other animals. The Cane Corso’s high prey drive is particularly dangerous for small dog breeds.

Cane Corso Ownership Cost

Cane Corso’s are giant dogs with lots of energy.

Their size means they are going to require a lot more space, time, care, and food than most breeds.

First of all, let’s acknowledge their sheer size.

Males and female can get up to 26 inches tall on average and usually weigh over 100 pounds. This means they are going to need around five cups of kibble per day. You will tear through about a bag a month on average. Depending on the type of food you buy this can range anywhere from $75-$150 per month.

Food bills are a major part of their monthly cost.

You will also need to have plenty of time each day to take your cane corso for a walk, run, or hike. Dog walking services are also available, but can run to about $20 per 30 minutes of walking time.

Cane Corso’s are a short haired breed, but their coat is double-layered.

Their undercoat will shed throughout the year. Brushing regularly with a rubber brush will keep your home relatively hair free. These types of brushes are typically not expensive (under $25), but the real cost here is time.

Particularly during shedding season in spring, it is recommended that brushing be done at least once a week.

Finally, cane corsos are very strong dogs. They have powerful jaws and love to destroy their toys. Don’t be surprised if you give your new dog a stuffed toy to come home to a whirlwind of fluffy stuffing!

ItemMonthly Cost
Food$75 to $150
Toys$50 to $100

On average Cane Corsos will cost you about $200 a month when factoring in their grooming, food, and toys.


Cane Corso’s are an amazingly loyal breed that will be very protective of their owners. They are known as the gold standard of guard dogs. If you are interested in purchasing one however, they can be a pretty penny!

When buying a puppy from a reputable breeder the average cane corso price will be from $2,000 to $2,500

However, purchasing from a breeder is not the only way to own one of these marvelous dogs.

There are specific adoption agencies that specialize in Cane Corsos. The adoption fees of a cane corso vary, but they are “free to a good home” to about $250. This can be a significantly cheaper route.

Being such big guys these dogs require a lot of care and money to keep them healthy. If you are aware of the costs and are able to meet them, the Cane Corso is an incredible dog designed for protection and loyalty.

Has this massive and magnificent breed caught your heart?


  1. Cane Corso should be sold based on purpose (companion or show quality). There are also breeders who offer training. I have been actively involved in this breed for 10 years and I cannot name a breeder who sets prices based on “color.” A gray is no more valuable than a solid black! Please run from backyard breeding practices like those mentioned in the above.


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