24 Tricks To Teach Your Dog: Easy & Cool Dog Tricks

Dog Tricks

The first thing many dog lovers want to do when they bring home a puppy is to teach them some cool tricks!

Teaching tricks to a dog is not only fun. It is also a way to teach your dog important skills like listening and taking commands.

Dog tricks are also useful as training helps to create a special bond between you and your dog. It is a great opportunity to spend time together, give your dog mental stimulation and channel all that extra energy.

So, let’s get to it…

Sit, stay, and learn 24 cool tricks to teach your dog.

Dog Tricks

1. Kiss

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★(1)


This trick is definitely one of the cutest! If you want to impress your friends, or just see how cute your puppy can be, then this one is for you.

It is easy to teach this trick to any dog, but it is easier for puppies who love to lick.

Start by putting a small bit of peanut butter (without Xylitol) or squeeze cheese on your cheek. Then lean in close to let your dog lick you. Just before your puppy is close enough to lick, give the command “kiss”.

After your dog kisses your cheek, give a treat and lots of praise.

As your dog starts to kiss on command, you can slowly decrease the amount of treats you use. Eventually your dog will kiss you for no treats at all!

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2. Paw

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★★(2)

Dog Paw

Paw is one of the most popular beginner dog tricks. This command also has the benefit of giving you the opportunity to handle your dog’s paws in a fun way. The more a puppy learns that handling is okay, the easier nail cutting will become.

To begin teaching paw, make sure your dog is good at the sit command.

Once you can get your puppy to sit, get their attention by holding a treat in front of their face. Let your puppy sniff the treat for a moment then let them watch you close your hand around the treat. Hold your closed hand in front of your puppy and let them sniff, lick, and paw at it.

As soon as your puppy begins to paw at your hand, reward them with the treat.

After your puppy consistently paws at your hand, start having them rest their paw on your hand for a few seconds before releasing a treat. Only add the verbal cue “paw” or “shake” once your puppy is used to leaving their paw on your hand.

Over time you can slowly start moving your arm up and down, as your dog leaves their paw on your hand, to simulate a human handshake.

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3. Come

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★★(2)


One of the first tricks you should teach a puppy is come. Getting your dog to come back when called is important for both their safety and your convenience. If your pooch doesn’t want to leave the dog park, you can use this command when you are ready to head home.

At first this command is best taught at home with limited distractions.

You will need to start by being close to your dog, maybe two steps at the most.

Say their name and get their attention. When they look at you, drop a treat by your feet and say the word “come”. As your dog comes to eat the treat, and before actual treat consumption takes place, give your command again, “come here”.

As your dog gets more used to “come here” add plenty of motion, praise, and fun. Coming to you should make your pup feel excited and happy, this way, they will want to come to you.

You can add more challenging locations (e.g. dog parks) and add more distance as your puppy gets better.

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4. Speak

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★(1)

This is another fun dog trick that many dog lovers are desperate to teach their dog. This not only shows off how smart your dog is, but also how loud they are! It will be much easier for dogs who already love to bark!

To teach this trick to your dog, it is important to have some treats in hand and wait for the moment when your dog barks on their own. As soon as your puppy barks, give your command “speak” and reward them with a treat.

Repeat this multiple times and within a few days your pup will get the hang of it.

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5. Quiet

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★★(2)

This handy trick will help to keep your dog calm and quiet whenever you need.

Just like with Speak, the first step to teaching this skill is to wait for your dog to start barking. When your dog starts barking – do nothing! Just wait. Whenever your dog stops barking, give a treat.

After a few successful completions start adding the command “hush” or “quiet”.

This trick isn’t as simple as Speak. Some dogs can be stubborn when it comes to barking.

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6. Sit

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★(1)

Sit Down

Teaching a puppy to sit is a very important skill that every dog should know.

With treats in hand, move your hand close to your dog’s nose so they know you have something good. As they notice the treat, slowly move your hand up towards their forehead. As you do this motion it will encourage your puppy to raise his nose and sit down.

Once your puppy’s bum touches the floor offer a treat.

Keep repeating these steps until your pooch is happy to sit.

With plenty of practice, you dog will know that each time you move a treat towards their forehead you want them to sit. Once this happens you can start adding a verbal cue “sit”.

In no time your pup will be sitting on command.

After plenty of practice remove the physical lure and just use the command “sit”.

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7. Lie Down

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★(1)

Lie Down

Teaching your dog to lay down is great for calming an anxious dog and teaching settle or stay.

To start training find a quiet room with minimal distractions.

The best way to teach “down” to a dog is to use a physical cue.

Place a treat in your hand. Then have your dog sniff your hand as you lower it to the floor. They will eventually try to lay as flat as they can in order to be eye level with your hand. When their belly finally touches the floor say the word “down” and give the treat.

As always, use a happy excited tone and offer lots of fuss.

If luring doesn’t work, you can also try using a small room that is not very exciting for a puppy, like a bathroom.

Take your puppy into the bathroom and wait for them to go “down”. They will choose to lay down quicker if they are not being stimulated to play. Reinforce that laying down is a good thing by offering treats whenever you catch your pup laying down.

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8. Fetch

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★★(2)

This super fun game that many owners play with their pups does not come naturally to most dogs. But, when your dog understands the game, it will be a great source of exercise and fun for everyone.

Try teaching this trick in a long corridor or a room that is long and thin.

The best location to start training this trick is one that has as few distractions as possible.

Start by throwing a ball or toy close to your dog. Once you toss the ball wait for the moment your pooch tries to hold it. Be really encouraging and excited as soon as your pup turns back to look at you.

Once your puppy comes to you with the ball give them a treat and wait for them to become disinterested and to drop the ball on their own. Once your puppy drops the ball get really excited again and offer a treat.

Wait for your dog to look up at you again, then throw the ball a second time.

Keep repeating this cycle until it becomes easy for your dog.

As time goes on, throw the ball even further to really make the game fun.

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9. Stay

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★★(2)

The stay command is another skill that all adult dogs should know.

This particular command is a good test of listening skills and patience. The goal of the trick is to get your dog to stay in one spot until you give them permission to move.

The easiest way to teach a dog to stay is to first teach them how to sit.

Once your puppy knows how to sit you can add a physical cue for the stay command.

With your dog sitting and a treat in one hand, use your other hand to hold a flat palm towards your dog’s face, right in front of their nose, while saying the word “stay”.

At first your puppy will want to follow you, so whenever he gets up, ask him to sit again and offer lots of praise. If they move, make sure not to give a treat. Whenever you dog successfully stays in one place offer praise and the treat in your other hand.

Repeat this in multiple mini sessions.

In a few days your dog will soon be able to stay.

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10. Spin

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★★(2)

Spin is a cool trick to teach your dog. As your dog gets better at learning spin, it can be a great gateway into more advanced dance moves. They will also look adorable turning in tight little circles.

Have your dog start in a standing position facing you.

Hold a treat in front of your dog’s nose and start pulling the treat towards the right side and let them follow the treat around in a circle. Once a full circle is complete get excited, offer plenty of praise, and give your dog the treat from your hand.

Repeat a few times and start adding the command “spin”.

After your dog can “spin” on command, you can use the same steps in the opposite direction to “spin left” or “spin right”.

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11. Back

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★★(2)

Back is a helpful trick that teaches your dog to walk backwards. It can be used when you want your dog to back away from the counter, or when you need a little extra space coming through the front door.

Start teaching this trick by standing facing your dog. Then walk directly towards them.

Whenever your dog takes a step backwards away from you, make sure to offer plenty of praise and offer a treat.

Once your dog gets used to this, start pointing behind them and adding a verbal cue “back”.

Make it harder by having them take several steps back before giving them a treat.

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12. Roll

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★★(2)

Roll Over

“Roll over” is another cool dog trick that everyone wants to teach their dog. This trick is super cute and will show just how dedicated your pup is.

Make sure your dog knows how to lay down before teaching this trick.

Once your dog is laying down, kneel beside your dog and hold a treat to the left or right side of their head near their nose.

After getting your dog’s attention start moving the treat towards your dog’s shoulder. As you pass their shoulder keep moving the treat over their back and to their other shoulder.

Once your dog flips all the way over offer them a treat.

After a few successful rolls you can add the verbal cue of “roll” or “roll over”.

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13. Stand

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★★(2)

Watching a dog stand up on their back two legs is adorable. Small dogs look cute while doing this trick and big dogs will look like teddy bears. Your dog should be fully grown before trying this trick as it is not a natural position. Teaching a puppy this trick may result in long term joint pain.

Have your dog sit for you and then hold a treat above their head.

Continue to raise the treat slightly higher until your dog’s front paws lift off the ground. Keep raising the treat vertically until your pup is standing up on their back two legs and then give them the treat in your hand.

Once your dog gets used to standing up on two legs start adding a command like “stand” or “stand tall”.

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14. Jump

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★★(2)

This fun trick will be a must for anyone who wants to put their dog through agility courses.

Even if agility courses are not your speed, this trick is a fun way for your dog to get some exercise at home.

Get your dog to sit and stay while you lay a pole on the ground. Then position yourself on the opposite side of the pole from your dog and call their name. As soon as your dog comes to you, while also crossing over the pole, offer a treat and excited praise.

As your dog gets used to this, start elevating the pole so that your dog has to jump higher to get to you.

In no time your dog will be jumping!

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15. Hoop Jump

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★★(3)

This skill is another great one for owners who want their dogs to participate in agility courses. However, this trick can also be a great way to start your own mini circus at home.

In order to learn this trick it is easier if your dog has already mastered “jump”.

Let your dog get used to the hoop by placing it on the ground and offering a treat whenever your dog gets close to it.

First get your dog to sit and stay while you walk two paces away. Ask someone to hold the hoop for you as you stand facing your dog with the hoop in between. Call your dog’s name. Offer plenty of praise and a treat whenever they walk through the hoop.

As your dogs does this multiple times slowly add height to the hoop and use the command “leap”.

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16. Sit Pretty

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★★(3)

Not only is “sit pretty” a great mental exercise, it is also one of the cutest things you will see your dog do. Do not be surprised if your dog tries to use this trick to get extra treats.

The first step is to get your dog in a sit facing you.

Then lure them with a treat to raise their front paws off of the floor and to sit back on their haunches. As their paws raise off the floor reward the behavior by giving a treat.

As your dog becomes comfortable with this action, you can start asking them to hold the position longer.

Over time whenever your dog gets into the right position add the verbal cue of “sit pretty”.

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17. Take It

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★★(3)

Take It

This trick it one of the most practical on our list. It will teach your dog to pick up a specific item that you point to. For example, you can ask your dog to pick up their favorite toy, their leash, or even the T.V remote.

To start teaching this trick pick up a toy that your dog really enjoys and play with it. Keep playing with it until you get their attention and they come over.

As soon as they come, drop the toy. When you dog picks up the toy, offer a treat.

Once your dog gets used to this, start adding in the verbal cue “take it”.

After getting used to bringing you their favorite toy, you can start to train for different objects like slippers, newspaper, or their leash.

Over time you can slowly add new items to their vocabulary but remember to only teach one object at a time to not confuse your dog. Eventually, you will be able add the command “take it” after stating the name of an object you know your dog knows.

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18. Leave

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★★(3)

Leave is the opposite of “take it”. In fact these tricks are often taught at the same time. This command will teach your dog how to leave something alone, even if your dog really wants to play or eat the item.

Start by holding a treat in the palm of your hand at your dog’s eye level.

When your dog attempts to take the treat from your hand, gently close your hand into a fist.

It is very likely that your dog will try to sneak the treat out of your hand with their nose or paw. You will want to ignore this behavior, and wait for the moment that they lose interest in the treat. If your dog continues to try to get the treat from your hand, keep your hand closed until they stop.

As soon as your dog gives up trying to get the treat, open your opposite hand with a better treat. You want to reward your dog for losing interest in the treat.

Practice this multiple times and add more time your dog needs to wait before they can be rewarded.

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19. Grab Your Leash

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★★(3)

Dog Holding Leash

Grab Your Leash is the perfect mix of Take It, Fetch and Leave.

Nothing is cuter than seeing a dog bring you their own leash. It is as if they are saying “I’m ready to go now”.

Set your leash on the floor and then ask your dog to “take it”.

Whenever your dog picks up the leash give them a treat.

Once your dog gets used to this, slowly start changing the command from take it to “leash”.

When you start walking towards the door, ask your dog to grab their leash by saying “leash”. When they bring it to you, say “leave” with your hands under the leash. If your dog is able to do this, offer lots of praise and a treat.

Repeat the cycle of take it, fetch, and leave multiple times.

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20. Play Dead

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★★(3)

If you are looking for a fun dog trick to share with friends and family, this one is perfect. It will also test your dog’s ability to understand multiple commands.

This trick is best taught after your dog has mastered “roll over”.

It is very similar to “roll over”, but instead of having your dog turn all the way over you are asking them to stay on their side.

Start with your dog in a down position.

Once your dog is laying down, kneel beside your dog and hold a treat to the left or right side of their head near their nose.

After getting your dog’s attention start moving the treat towards your dog’s shoulder. You will want to keep moving the treat slowly until you reach just behind their collar. At this moment, you dog should be laying on their side, give them the treat.

Many people chain this trick with sit and down to create “play dead”.

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21. Go Potty

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★(4)

This skill is one of the hardest to teach, but, it is also one of the most convenient. Have you ever taken a dog outside to go potty and they take all day to go, even in the cold or the rain?

In order to teach go potty, pick a spot in your yard that is easiest for cleanup.

Each time you let your dog in the yard, take them to this spot straight away.

Once your dog eliminates in that designated area offer a treat and lots of praise.

For this trick to work, at the start they must only eliminate in the desired spot.

After multiple successful eliminations in your desired spot, start adding a verbal command like “go potty” just before they eliminate.

Your dog will soon go to the bathroom whenever you give the signal to do so.

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22. Ring a Bell

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★(4)

This trick will teach your dog to ring a bell to let you know they want to go in the yard.

Start by ringing the bell for your dog and have them watch.

As your puppy watches you ring the bell, they will start to get curious. Eventually they will try to ring the bell with their nose or paw. When they do this, give them a treat and tons of praise.

Keep repeating this until your dog can consistently ring the bell.

The next step is to have your dog touch the bell to go outside.

Standing next to the back door, ask your dog to “ring”. Instead of giving a treat, immediately open the door.

Over time your dog will learn to associate ringing the bell with being able to go in the yard.

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23. Open a Door

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★(4)

This is one of the coolest dog tricks on our list. The only downside to this trick is if you have a mischievous dog, they may start to open or close doors you don’t want them to.

To teach your dog to open a door you will need to help them out at first.

Tie a rope or bandana to your doorknob and start to play with it. Eventually your dog will try to play with the bandana too.

As your dog successful pulls the makeshift handle, give them a treat.

Each time they make the door move, keep giving lots of treats.

Practice this a few times then start adding the word “open” whenever your dog tugs the door open. Give a treat and lots of fuss each time your dog opens a door.

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24. Clean Up

Trick Difficulty: ★★★★(4)

Destroyed Dog Toy

Clean Up is another skill that needs Take It, Fetch and Leave.

Put all of your dog’s toys into a single pile in the middle of the room.

Start by pointing at their favorite toy and use the command “take it”. Hold a basket and ask your dog to come to you and “leave”.

As your dog successfully drops each toy in the basket, give a treat.

Once all the toys have been dropped into the basket get really excited, offer lots of praise, and some more treats.

After a few practice runs start the clean up by using the verbal “clean” or “tidy”.

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Which dog trick were the most fun? Did you find any new ones? Let us know in the comments below!

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