English Cream Golden Retriever Origin, Color, Truth & Differences

The English Cream Golden Retriever is a charming dog known by many names: White Golden, English Golden, Blonde Golden, European Golden and Platinum Retriever. As you might have already guessed, this dog is a type of Golden Retriever!

Many breeders use the English Cream name to try to make people think that these dogs are rare. But, to call them English is a bit misleading. Most English Retrievers in America are actually bred in America and not England. Breeders also say these dogs are healthier and have a better temperament. But the fact is, that is not true.

So, if these dogs are a type of Golden, what makes them different? Keep reading to discover what makes them unique…

What Is An English Cream Golden Retriever?

English Cream Golden Retriever

The English Cream Golden Retriever is a type of Golden Retriever and not a mix.

This Golden has a coat that is much paler than the vibrant golden color of traditional Golden Retrievers. Its coat is not yellow but more of a cream that appears white, though these dogs are not pure white.

Golden Retrievers came from Scotland where they were bred as gundogs. They are descendants of the now extinct Tweed Water Spaniel and the Wavy-Coated Golden Retriever. Between 1840 and 1890 Lord Tweedmouth crossbred these lines to create a working retriever that was suited for the rainy climate and rugged terrain in Scotland.

The English Cream Golden Retriever was first recognized by the British Kennel Club in 1911.

Golden Retrievers first appeared in records in the United States in 1910, and the first was registered by the American Kennel Club in 1925.

Eventually, Golden Retrievers made their way to other countries where their breeding varied.

Because of this, a single bloodline became three:

  • American
  • English
  • Canadian

All of these dogs vary slightly in their appearance, but their temperament and personality are the same.

Though counterintuitive, the “English” in their name does not mean that the dogs are from England. They do not come to the United States from England but are, instead, actually bred in America.

English only refers to the bloodline. These dogs are known as Golden Retrievers around the world, except North America.

American breeders import dogs from many different countries to breed their English Creams. Some of the places these Goldens are imported from are Denmark, France, Ukraine, Hungary, Spain, New Zealand, Australia, Scotland and the Netherlands.


All English Cream Golden Retrievers are descendants of the gun dogs bred by Lord Tweedmouth in Scotland.

In the early 1900s English Creams were bred for dog shows in England. Dogs that won these competitions were called “English Champions” in the United States. This name has stuck to this day and describes Goldens with cream hair.

That is how “English” made its way into the name of the English Cream.

The English Cream was recognized as standard by the Kennel Club in Britain in 1936.

However, in America they are not considered standard. According to the American Kennel Club, “extremely pale … is undesirable”. They have recognized the light golden shade since 1934 so many breeders are forced to register their English Cream Goldens under this category, although it is slightly inaccurate.

Both Canada and Britain recognize a broader range of coat colors.

English Cream Golden Retrievers can participate in dog shows in Canada and the UK, but they are excluded from the show ring in the United States. Since the American Kennel Club doesn’t recognize the color of these dogs as standard you will not see these dogs in the show ring in America.

Within America, if not pets, these dogs are mainly used as working dogs. They do jobs such as guide dogs and therapy dogs.


White Golden Retriever

Both the English Cream and the American Golden Retriever had their start in Scotland. They are both descendants of the original Lord Tweedmouth bloodline, so how are they different?

Different bloodlines arose because of the different standards that exist in Britain and America for Golden Retrievers. The same is true for Labradors which is why they come in so many different colors and are often confused:

  • In Britain, when the Kennel Club recognized Golden Retrievers in 1913, it allowed a variety of colors from light cream to dark gold. Because of this, breeders could select for dogs with a lighter coat color which is how the English Cream Golden Retriever came to be.
  • The global standards are also set by Britain’s Kennel Club. All over the world English Golden Retrievers are just known as Golden Retrievers. The only exception is North America, where they are known as English Golden Retrievers.
  • In the United States, the American Kennel Club did not recognize the breed until 1925 and what it considered standard was different. Americans consider the ideal Golden Retriever as one with darker coat colors, not white or cream.

Dog breeders tend to adhere to the breed standards of their country to be in compliance with the kennel club. This allows them to register their dogs with kennel clubs and show them in competitions.

Cream Coat Color

English Golden Retriever

English Cream Golden Retrievers can also be called White Golden Retrievers, but their coat is not pure white. It is more cream-colored. Even if a dog were to look very white, it would still have golden streaks in its coat, so it is better to call them “cream.”

What really makes these dogs stand-out from all the other Golden Retrievers is their glossy pale-colored coat.

This beautiful wavy cream coat is sure to stand out from all the other Goldens. Since their cream coat color is not recognized in America, they will likely stand out from all the dogs you meet in the dog park.

Size And Appearance

Cream Golden Retriever

All Golden Retrievers are very similar in appearance, but there are some key differences that make each variety stand out.

The English has a blocky head that is broader than other Golden Retrievers. This is similar to how English Labs have a blockier head than American Labs. It is also about an inch shorter than other types of Golden Retrievers with males standing at 22-24 inches and females 20-22 inches. Finally, it has a stockier body with males weighing 65-75 pounds and females 55-70 pounds.

Often described as having soft expressions, their eyes are brown and round.

Interestingly, their ears are at eye level and their tails form a straight line from their back. These two characteristics are unlike the other Golden Retrievers whose ears are above eye level and have a slight curve to their tails.

Breed Characteristics
Family Friendly★★★★★(5)
Energy Levels★★★★(4)
Ease of Training★★★★★(5)
Shedding Frequency★★★★★(5)


In 2020, the Golden Retriever placed fourth as the most popular dog in America. People love these dogs because of their friendliness, intelligence, and devotion. You will find that the English Cream Golden Retriever has all of these qualities too.

Like all other Golden Retrievers, English Creams are kind, loving, and gentle. This makes them suitable for kids, as well as great therapy dogs. They are the definition of perfect house pets and will fit right into your home and love everyone within it unconditionally.

Social butterflies from birth, they get along with everyone no matter if they are human or furry. But being the biggest socialites does mean that they can develop social anxiety because they hate being alone.

Due to their friendly nature they are not in any way aggressive. They might bark at someone outside they don’t recognize, but once the stranger has entered the house all they want to do is shower the intruder with kisses. They are not effective guard dogs.

These dogs can also be kind of goofy. They are eager to please and one of the smartest dogs breeds, but sometimes while training they might want to do their own thing.

They have their own sense of humor, especially during training, but it is just their personality and they do not mean to ignore you. Training is actually one their favorite things to do. It gives them time to spend with you and challenges their mind.

Are English Cream Golden Retrievers Calmer?

One of the reasons why English Cream Golden Retrievers are so popular is that they are more mellow and calmer than other Golden Retrievers. However, that doesn’t mean they are less playful, especially as puppies. They are as friendly and outgoing as their American and Canadian counterparts even in adulthood.

Golden Retrievers are known to mature slowly.

Even as young adults of a year or two of age they can act like goofy, silly and stubborn teenagers, and sometimes even for life. But they are a bit less crazy as adults.

Some people believe that English Cream Golden Retrievers are smarter dogs, so they think they are easier to train. But, it is actually their calmer temperament, and not intelligence, that can make them easier to train.

However, do not let their calmer attitude lead you to believe they are not very active.

They love to play and need a lot of exercise, at least an hour a day. Whatever you do with them, make sure to switch it up each time so that they are never bored and get the mental stimulation they need for their curious brains.


English Cream
Health is in no way related to the coat color of the Golden.

There are some breeders who claim these dogs are healthier, but this is not entirely true. There is no scientific evidence to support that English Cream Retrievers are healthier than other Goldens because of their cream coat.

The Golden Retriever breed is very healthy, though they can suffer from health problems such as hip dysplasia, heart disease, and cancer. Cancer is the number one reason for the death of these dogs.

They are all at risk of developing these conditions.

However, in a study it was observed that English Cream Golden Retrievers are less likely to die from cancer. About 60% of Goldens die from cancer according to a paper published by the Golden Retriever Club of America. In comparison, only 38.8% of English Creams die from cancer.

Their average lifespan is 12 years, while that of other Golden Retrievers falls shorter at about 11 years. Why they live longer has less to do with their coat color and more with things like their pedigree, breeding practices, environment, and nutrition.

Puppies and Breeders

English Cream Golden Retriever puppy

All Golden Retriever puppies have their own charm and an English Cream Golden Retriever puppy does not fall short with its cute and wavy cream coat. However, unless they come from a show bloodline, there is no reason for why these pups should cost more than a typical Golden Retriever.

Breeders often try to sell these puppies for more.

However, you should not pay more than $1,000 to $3,000 for an English Cream puppy.

The typical price for a Golden Retriever in American is between $500 and $3,000. English Creams usually fall on the higher side. As long as you avoid non-reputable breeders, then you should be paying about the same.

While breeders try to sell these pups at a higher price, the truth is that they are not rarer at all. On average the litter size is eight puppies and it is not difficult for breeders to import breeding stock from other countries.

Avoid breeders that use names like “Rare White European Golden Retrievers” and “Platinum Retrievers.” These names are inaccurate and just a marketing ploy.

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When searching for an English Cream Golden Retriever puppy it is very important that you do the proper research on the background of the breeder and ask as many questions as possible about the puppy. A reputable breeder should be able to provide all the evidence on the health of the puppy and documentation on the lineage and health backgrounds of the parents.

English Creams are from a different bloodline than other Golden Retrievers.

Some American Goldens can have a very light yellow coat and some breeders might try to fool you into thinking that they are a true Cream Golden. You can check whether this puppy is truly from this bloodline if the breeder can show you the lineage.

Medical and genetic records are also important to know whether the puppy is healthy.

If a breeder refuses to give you all of this information, or are being evasive of your questions, then you should be doubtful.

Other red flags to look for are how they advertise these puppies.

Breeders who raise puppies of a specific color like the red golden retriever are normally not reputable. They often couldn’t care less about temperaments and health and focus on only the color.

A trustworthy breeder will not advertise their puppies by color, but rather by their bloodline and general health.

If breeders use fancy names or claim that their puppies are healthier and are registered with the Kennel Club, then you should be wary. A true English Cream Golden Retriever is not “better” than other Golden Retrievers. They also cannot be registered with the American Kennel Club, though some breeders bypass this by registering their dogs as a light-colored Golden.


English vs American Differences

English Cream Golden Retrievers tend to be stockier and shorter with a larger head and flat back. American Golden Retrievers on the other hand are much leaner and taller, have a narrower head and muzzle, and a back that slopes down slightly.

Both types of Golden Retrievers have brown eyes, but the English’s are round while the American’s are almond shaped. Interestingly, English Cream Golden Retriever’s ears are at eye level unlike the other Golden Retrievers whose ears are above eye level.

The most prominent difference between the two bloodlines is their coat color.

English Golden Retrievers have a cream colored coat, which is why in the United States they became known as English Cream. American Golden Retrievers on the other hand are of a golden color that can range from light to dark.

Coat length and thickness also differ. The American has a thicker and longer coat while the English’s is shorter and wavier.

A white coat color is not accepted for either bloodline.

Coat color in no way affects personality or health.

In personality these two Retrievers are practically the same. Both are equally loyal, playful intelligent, and gentle which are all qualities that people look for. Either American or English Goldens are a great choice to add to your family.

What differs slightly is their activity levels. On average English Cream Golden Retrievers tend to be calmer and have lower energy levels. This is because they are less athletic.

If you are a first time owner, you might choose one because they are thought to be easier to train due to their calmer nature. But, that doesn’t mean that the American is difficult to train. Both are equally intelligent.

English CreamAmerican
ColorCreamGolden ranging from light to dark
Height20 to 24 inches21.5 to 24.5 inches
AppearanceStocky, shorter, broad headLeaner, taller and narrow muzzle
EnergyCalm and relaxedMore athletic
Lifespan12 years10-11 years
Price$1,000 to $3,000$500 to $3,000


English Cream Golden Retrievers are one of three bloodlines of Golden Retriever. They are a type of Golden Retriever that has a much paler coat color.

Surprisingly, the “English” name does not mean that it is from England. They do not come to the United States from England, but are bred in America according to the standards set by The Kennel Club in Britain.

In the United States many breeders ascribe fancy names to these dogs and describe them as rare. The truth is that what really makes these dogs different is how they are bred.

In Europe breeders focused on breeding puppies with cream colored coats, while in America darker golden colors are preferred. The Kennel Club in England accepts “any shade of gold or cream”. On the other hand, the Kennel Club in America prefers coats from light shades of yellow to darker golden colors.

Most people in search of English Cream Golden Retrievers in the US likely want these dogs as house pets. And who wouldn’t want to add this adorable pup to their family? They have the same playful intelligent, and goofy personality of any Golden Retriever.

This wonderful dog is sure to be the silly soul you need in your home.

There is no doubt that you will make many memories to cherish with your English Retriever.

Is the English Cream Retriever your current or future family member? Let us know below!


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