Top 20 Best German Shepherd Mixes

German Shepherds are one of the most loyal and hard-working dogs in the world. This is why they have taken third spot in America’s favorite dog breeds.

It is no surprise that a breed as popular as the German Shepherd is a great choice for breeding with other dogs. All German Shepherd mixes will be courageous, loyal and intelligent. But, they will also gain more qualities like less shedding or being more playful.

Keep reading if you are looking for a hybrid that is a perfect mix between a guard dog and a loving companion. There are over 60 German Shepherd mix breeds, each one unique and special…

Types of German Shepherd Mix Dogs

German Shepherd Mixes
Mixing German Shepherds has mostly been done over the last twenty years.

The German Shepherd is a courageous, loyal and intelligent dog that is commonly mixed with other breeds because of these qualities.

The first mix likely occurred in 1935 when Leendert Saarloos bred a German Shepherd with a wild Eurasian Wolf. He bred the first German Shepherd Wolf mix, which he called the Saarloos Wulfhund. 50 years later Lois Schwarz also bred the German Shepherd to the Alaskan Malamute to create the American Alsatian.

People love the loyalty and protectiveness of the German Shepherd, but they sometimes what a little something extra. This could be less energy, a unique color or a more patient personality.

All German Shepherd mixes will be courageous, loyal and intelligent, but they will also have traits from other breeds.

The most popular mix is the Golden Shepherd. This hybrid combines the hard-working and loyal nature of the German Shepherd with the loving and gentle Golden Retriever.

Other breeds like Labradors contribute their easy-going and patient personality to make the Labrashepherd. Poodles enhance the intelligence of the German Shepherd, while also making their coat curly. Chow Chows add their fluffy and soft coat to give the Chow Shepherd the appearance of a giant and cuddly teddy bear.

German Shepherd Mixes

Below we have made a list of twenty of the top mixes to help anyone looking for a GSD crossbreed.

1Golden ShepherdGerman Shepherd & Golden Retriever
2ShepradorGerman Shepherd & Labrador
3ShepskyGerman Shepherd & Husky
4Shepherd PitGerman Shepherd & Pitbull
5Corgi ShepGerman Shepherd & Corgi
6ShepweilerGerman Shepherd & Rottweiler
7ShollieGerman Shepherd & Border Collie
8Boxer ShepherdGerman Shepherd & Boxer
9ShepadoodleGerman Shepherd & Poodle
10German AussieGerman Shepherd & Australian Shepherd
11Doberman ShepherdGerman Shepherd & Doberman Pinscher
12ShepherdaneGerman Shepherd & Great Dane
13German ChihuahuaGerman Shepherd & Chihuahua
14Beagle ShepherdGerman Shepherd & Beagle
15Blue ShepherdGerman Shepherd & Australian Cattle Dog (Blue Heeler)
16Alaskan ShepherdGerman Shepherd & Alaskan Malamute
17Dachshund ShepherdGerman Shepherd & Dachshund
18ShepkitaGerman Shepherd & Akita
19Shepherd ChowGerman Shepherd & Chow Chow
20ShepneesGerman Shepherd & Great Pyrenees

1. Golden Shepherd

Golden Shepherd

A Golden Shepherd looks like the German Shepherd, but it takes the gold color and floppy ears of the Golden Retriever.

Golden Shepherds are the perfect balance between high energy, intelligence, patience and affection. They are extremely easy to train and get along with anyone. They also love being with their family and playing, so it is important to give them all the affection and exercise they need.

These dogs are great for families with small children. They will love playing with the kids, and in exchange they are sure to offer your family love and protection.

2. Sheprador

Black Labrador Shepherd

The Sheprador is an extremely popular mix. This should be no surprise as the Labrador Retriever and German Shepherd are America’s first and third favorite dog breeds.

People love Shepradors because they get the best qualities of the Labrador and German Shepherd. They are loyal, obedient, patient, intelligent and high energy.

Shepradors normally inherit the color of a Labrador so they can be either black, yellow, or chocolate.

Since both parents are working dogs, Shepradors will have a lot of energy that will need to be exhausted. One great activity to do is swimming. This Lab mix gets its love of swimming from the Labrador.

3. Shepsky

Labrador Shepherd Husky

The Shepsky, also known as the Gerberian Shepsky, is a mix with a ‘wolf-like’ appearance. If you are lucky, you could get one with blue and brown eyes.

Shepskies are sweet and affectionate, they get along with everyone in the household. But, they will scare strangers away. They are very protective of their family, whether human or furry, and do not show their friendly side to intruders.

A first time owner will find them easy to train, but this mix will need to be in an active household that can give them lots of playtime and exercise.

4. Shepherd Pit

Shepherd Pit

Shepherd Pits are powerful dogs that look like a type of Pitbull. Typically Shepherd Pits look like the Pitbull with a German Shepherd coat. However, do not let their intimidating appearance scare you.

The Shepherd Pit is very kind and sweet. They are very affectionate with their owners, so much so, that they can develop separation anxiety. This can be avoided with proper socialization and training, but it will take patience.

5. Corgi Shep

Corgi Shep

Corgi German Shepherds are the adorable, smaller version of the German Shepherd. Their smaller size makes them perfect for apartments and small houses. The Corgi Shep normally has the brown and black colors of the German Shepherd and the short legs of the Corgi.

While people find their short legs cute, these dogs come with spinal problems like intervertebral disc disease. They can also inherit elbow and hip dysplasia.

Corgi Sheps make excellent family pets. Their friendliness, liveliness, and easy-going nature make them great play buddies for kids. They are also really smart, so they can be easily trained.

6. Shepweiler

German Shepherd Rottweiler
The Rottweiler German Shepherd is known by many different names such as the Shottie, Shepweiler, and Rottie.

This breed has the intelligence of the German Shepherd and the strength of the Rottweiler. Rottweilers themselves are intimidating enough to strangers. Add to that the short black fur and lean body of the German Shepherd. This dog makes a great guard dog.

Shepweilers will need obedience training from a young age to control their aggression. They can be overbearing because of their guardianship.

The Shepweiler is not the best for first-time owners or children as they can be a bit too protective. For the owner that is able to dedicate time to them, they will be a loving and affectionate guard dog.

7. Shollie


Shollies are a mix of Border Collie and German Shepherd. They often have the black and brown colors of the German Shepherd with the longer fur of the Border Collie. Some also inherit the blue eyes of the Collie.

As the offspring of two herding breeds, they are very clever and active. This means that they will need a lot of mental stimulation and exercise. You might not have a herd of sheep for them to watch over, but activities like fetch are sure to keep them entertained.

They love to work, so large yards are a must for Shollies. They also need someone who will be able to give them lots of attention. They cannot be left alone for too long because they can become destructive when bored.

8. Boxer Shepherd

German Shepherd Boxer Mix

Boxer Shepherds can look intimidating at first, but they are actually one of the most lovable, quirky, and loyal mixes. Like many German Shepherd mixes, these dogs are high-energy. Activities like jogging or frisbee are a good way to spend time with them.

Most Boxer Shepherds look like a taller type of Boxer with their short muzzle, floppy ears, short brown fur and deep chest. You will see their German Shepherd side in their black markings and tall, lean body.

Boxer Shepherds are intelligent, but they are hard to train because of their overwhelming energy and short attention spans. They can also be very rambunctious so it is best to keep them away from small children.

9. Shepadoodle


Shepadoodles are hugely popular with families because of their easy-going nature and cute appearance. People simply find a German Shepherd with the curly coat of the Poodle irresistible.

These dogs often come in a variety of solid colors like black, cream, gray, sable, or tan. Some of them are also hypoallergenic because of their curly Poodle coat.

The Shepadoodle is also an incredibly intelligent dog. This is no surprise since its parents are two of the smartest dog breeds.

Their intelligence means Shepadoodles need a daily dose of exercise and fun, mind-engaging activities. You probably won’t have an agility course in your backyard, but they will be fine as long as you have enough space to let them run around.

10. German Aussie

Australian Shepherd German Shepherd

The German Aussie is the perfect balance between a guard dog and family pet. Blending the intelligence and loyalty of the German Shepherd with the playfulness and patience of the Australian Shepherd gives you a dog that is ideal for families with children.

While German Aussies are affectionate with their family, they are not friendly with strangers. It will treat your kids like its own flock of sheep and will keep everyone else away.

Another thing that people love about these mixes is their looks.

German Aussies have a long, thick coat that can come in a variety of patterns and colors. One feature of this mix is its frilly mane around their neck. They also have triangular ears with rounded tips.

11. Doberman Shepherd

Doberman Pinscher German Shepherd

The Doberman Shepherd is one of the largest German Shepherd mixes, reaching weights of up to 110lbs. With a muscular and agile body that can stand up to 26 inches tall, it lives up to its role as a watch dog. The Doberman Shepherd looks like a perfect combination between both of its parents with its brown and black coat markings.

Doberman Shepherds are very intelligent and loyal, but they can be difficult to handle because they are stubborn. You have to make sure to give this dog lots of socialization and obedience training at a young age.

Even with its dominant and stubborn personality, the Doberman Shepherd is a lovebug. They might act like teenagers sometimes but they will always love you and show you affection.

12. Shepherdane


The Shepherdane is a true giant and can stand up to 32 inches tall. But, do not let their huge size fool you into thinking they are dangerous. Within that huge body there is one of the most loving, cuddly, gentle and patient dogs. It is these qualities that make Sheperdanes great for kids.

There is not one Sheperdane that will look exactly the same as another. Their appearance depends on the genes they inherit. Their fur can be solid or a mix of colors like black, brindle, gray, fawn, sable, and tan.

Just note that Shepherdanes are happier in a house with a large yard instead of a small apartment.

13. German Chihuahua

German Shepherd Chihuahua Mix
Many people love this mix because of their smaller size.

Many people might wonder if German Shepherd Chihuahua mixes exist when they first hear about the mix. The truth is, they are a real crossbreed. They are just very rare and expensive because they are only bred through artificial insemination.

Like the Corgi Shep, how much this mix grows will depend on which genes dominate. Their weight can range from 8 to 60 pounds! However, most look like the miniature German Shepherd with their small body and black and brown markings.

German Chihuahuas are very alert, independent, and loyal.

The downside to them is that they are also quite sensitive and protective. They do not like being alone and mistrust strangers. Families with children should not have this breed as it can be aggressive towards children.

14. Beagle Shepherd

Beagle German Shepherd

Beagle Shepherds are Beagles in the body of a German Shepherd. They have the athletic frame of the Shepherd and the floppy ears and face of the Beagle.

The Beagle Shepherd is a medium-sized dog with a heart of gold. It is sure to be a good fit for families in small homes and apartments. They might be slightly cautious at first, but they will quickly warm up because of the Beagle’s loving and charming nature.

While sometimes these dogs just want to cuddle and lounge around, they are quite active because of their German Shepherd side. Short daily walks to the park are usually enough for them.

15. Blue Shepherd

Blue Shepherd

Blue Shepherds look just like Blue German Shepherds, but are actually a Blue Heeler x GSD mix. Their unique coat markings make them very appealing and a merle coat is sure to turn heads.

This is another herding mix that is very curious, active and intelligent. Just like all other herding dogs, they need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. While they love to work, their headstrong and stubborn personality makes them hard to train.

They also have a tendency to be overprotective, so are not the best mix for children. These dogs are better for single owners who are active and have the time to train their dog.

16. Alaskan Shepherd

Alaskan Shepherd

The Alaskan Shepherd, like the Shepsky, is another mix that looks like a wolf. Its Alaskan Malamute parent gives it a fluffy coat that is perfect for the snow. They are sometimes mistaken for a Malamute Husky cross.

Alaskan Shepherds are perfect for working as they inherit the hard-working energy and intelligence of their parents. Its protectiveness and independence make it a great guard dog. However, this also means that they can be aloof and aggressive with strangers.

17. Dachshund Shepherd

Dachshund Shepherd

Dachshund Shepherds are smaller German Shepherds with longer bodies, shorter legs and floppy ears. People love these small dogs because they are a good option for apartments or city houses.

They are also a favorite because they are very easy-going and most of the time they just want to be a lap dog. The Dachshund Shepherd tends to be more on the lazy side; the energy from the German Shepherd often skips them!

A major downside of the Dachshund Shepherd is that it is more likely to inherit the health issues of Dachshunds. This mix can have elbow, knee and hip dysplasia and intervertebral disc disease.

18. Shepkita


The Shepkita is a powerful and independent dog that develops a strong bond with its family. It is very protective and strong-willed. A properly trained Shepkita can be good with children because, not only is it loyal to the family, but it is also a huge, cuddly teddy bear.

Covering its body is a furry coat that can be a variety of colors including black, brown, fawn, white, and sable. Some Shepkitas inherit the curly tail of the Akita Inu, which will make them stand-out from all the other German Shepherd mixes.

19. Shepherd Chow

German Shepherd Chow Chow
Shepherd Chows need a house with a large yard.

Shepherd Chows are loyal, independent, and protective dogs. They are also very sweet, and while they can be aloof to strangers, they will make great family dogs. They know when it’s time to cuddle and when it’s time to protect.

The Shepherd Chow is as much of a teddy bear as the Shepkita, it is a huge fluff ball that will require a lot of grooming! Its coat can either be brown or tan, but it will have the black markings of the Shepherd. Some can also have the curly tail of the Chow Chow.

20. Shepnees

The Shepnees, also known as the Shep Py, is a fierce but sweet dog. This is the mix of a Great Pyrenees; it is another giant cuddle ball that just wants to give all of its love. They care for their family so much that they can become overly aggressive with strangers.

Training and socialization are a must for Shepnees puppies because of their tendency to become overprotective.

Not all Shepnees dogs will look the same. But, many people want this mix because they hope to get a German Shepherd that is white. Some are solid white or cream, while others are black and tan.


German Shepherd mixes have become increasingly popular over the past two decades due to the designer breed movement. The German Shepherd is an immensely popular breed, and so are its offspring.

These mixes are all active, loyal and protective. However, some are more mellow and less watchful than others. Their physical appearance will also be a mix of both parents, so no mix will be exactly the same.

All of these mixes are great companions, they will always want to stick by your side and protect you.

Let us know if one of these loyal mixes will become a part of your future!

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