22 Golden Retriever Mixes: Cute, Adorable, and Fluffy

Golden Retrievers have long been near the top of the American Kennel Club’s most popular dog breed list. Their beautiful golden fur, trainability, and friendly personality make them popular dogs.

Goldens are loved so much that owners have mixed them with other dogs to make Golden Retriever mixes.

These Golden Retriever Mixed breeds carry the same wonderful traits as Goldens. In fact, some even add extra traits to an already wonderful breed.

Below we have selected 22 of our favorites to help you pick the best one for you. Some are small, some large, some energetic and some mellow; there is a Golden mix for everyone…

Golden Retriever Mixed Breed List

Golden Retriever Mixes

Golden Retrievers are intelligent, outgoing and easily trained. These great traits made them a popular choice for the designer dog breeding era of the 1990s.

The friendliness of a Golden Retriever can counteract the wariness of Rottweilers. Their fun personality can dampen the feisty spirit of a Dachshund. Even their active personality can give the laziest of Great Pyrenees a spring in their step!

Below is a summary table of the best golden retriever mix breeds.

MixPersonalityWeight (pounds)Suited ToRank
BeagoJoyful & Adventurous35-45Outdoorsy families21
GoldadorOutgoing & Caring60-80Any family3
Golden AussieIntelligent & Athletic25-60Highly active families18
Golden BoxerEnergetic & Protective50-65Highly active families17
Golden Cocker RetrieverPatient & Clingy30-45Families who are home often4
Golden CollieActive & Witty50-75Active Families16
Golden CorgiGoofy & Social30-70Any type of family15
Golden DoxSassy & Alert30-60Experienced dog owners6
Golden HoundOutdoorsy & Calm40-70Outdoorsy families9
Golden IrishGraceful & Loving55-80Active families8
Golden Mountain DogProtective & Family Oriented75-120Any type of family5
Golden NewfieSweet & Gentle75-138Families with young children7
Golden PeiProtective & Loyal40-60Any type of family19
Golden PitbullAffectionate & Outgoing30-75Active families with young children11
Golden PyreneesDignified & Gentle70-110Any type of family, experienced dog owner14
Golden RottieFriendly & Energetic70-90Active Families22
Golden SammyCalm & Happy50-75Busy families10
Golden ShepherdLoyal & Hard-working55-85Active Families2
Golden ShibaSassy & Smart30-60Active families13
GoldendoodleIntelligent & Friendly50-90Any type of family1
GoldmaranerEnergetic & Nervous55-70Active families12
Great Golden DaneGentle & Loving75-100Families with a big home20

1. Goldendoodle

Golden Retriever and Poodle

Goldendoodle standing happily in big, open field.

Goldendoodles were originally bred with the purpose of being a hypoallergenic dog. Many dog owners love the appearance of a Golden Retriever but are allergic to their fur. Crossing Goldens with Poodles results in a mix that rarely sheds.

The Goldendoodle is created by breeding a Standard Poodle and a Golden Retriever.

Poodles can come in three different sizes, so it is not uncommon to find a Mini Goldendoodle. Minis are bred through the crossing of a Miniature Poodle. These dogs are much smaller and stand at 13 to 20 inches tall compared to the 24 inches of Goldendoodles.

These curly coated puppies are very intelligent and easy to train. Their Golden Retriever genetics make them extremely outgoing and friendly with everyone they meet. They are playful, energetic and always ready to play a good game of fetch!

2. Golden Shepherd

Golden Retriever and German Shepherd

Golden Shepherd

The Golden Shepherd is a mixed breed created by crossing the loyal German Shepherd and joyful Golden Retriever. This large hybrid has a thick, beautiful coat that will leave your home coated in hair at all times.

Golden Shepherds are a hard-working mix that can be trained to do just about any job. But, novice owners often struggle with their high exercise requirements! They need lots of activity during the day. If they are not exercised, they will likely chew up the belongings in your home.

Although they can be bit territorial with other dogs, Golden Shepherds make great family dogs. They are loyal and loving towards any human they meet.

3. Goldador

Golden Retriever and Labrador Retriever


The Goldador is bred by crossing a Labrador Retriever with a Golden Retriever. Goldadors are highly sociable and instantly love everyone they meet; just like both of their parent breeds

Mixing two of the most loved breeds in America results in an absolutely adorable dog with fantastic traits. One of their most special traits is that they are extremely trainable and hardworking. This makes them perfect for police, service, and therapy work.

Golden retrievers and Labrador retrievers have big hearts and are ready to help people in any way they can.

4. Golden Cocker Retriever

Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel

Golden Cocker Retriever

The Golden Cocker Retriever is a rare mix of Golden Retriever and Cocker Spaniel. As both parents are working breeds, the Golden Cocker Retriever needs plenty of exercise during the day. They love hiking and swimming.

These dogs have the beautiful face of a Golden Retriever with the body and ears of a Cocker Spaniel. Their size is closer to a Cocker Spaniel as they only weigh 30 pounds.

Golden Cocker Retrievers make excellent family pets as they are affectionate and kind with lots of patience. However, they do tend to get attached to their family and can end up developing separation anxiety.

5. Golden Mountain Dog

Golden Retriever and Bernese Mountain Dog

The Bernese Mountain Dog and the Golden Retriever are parents to the lovely Golden Mountain Dog.

Golden Mountain Dogs have the appearance of a Golden Retriever, but have the beautiful brown, white, and black coat of a Bernese Mountain Dog. This mixed breed is large and can weigh over 120 pounds!

These gentle giants make incredible family dogs and are loving towards both adults and children. They get along with other dogs but can be a bit wary around strangers because they are protective of their families. Early socialization can help combat this issue.

6. Golden Dox

Golden Retriever and Dachshund

Golden Dox
Happy Golden Dox standing in front of a lake.

The Golden Dox is a mix of Golden Retriever and Dachshund. Because of the size difference between the parent breeds, Golden Doxes are often bred through artificial insemination. This makes them expensive to buy.

Golden Doxes have the friendly personality of a Golden Retriever, but can also have the feisty attitude of a Dachshund.

These alert dogs are best suited to experienced owners who have enough confidence to handle the sass of a Dachshund and the energy of a Golden.

This mix is a happy, little dog that looks like a mini Golden Retriever with wavy hair. Their short size is cute, but having a big body on such small legs can lead to health problems like intervertebral disc disease and hip dysplasia.

7. Golden Newfie

Golden Retriever and Newfoundland

Golden Newfie

This magnificent breed is the result of crossing a Golden Retriever and a Newfoundland. Golden Newfies are giant dogs that stand over 25 inches tall. These black dogs look like a thinner version of the normally bulky Newfoundland.

Golden Newfies are gentle, sweet dogs that have a calm aura.

They make great family pets as they are patient with children and will loyally protect every family member. They may look lazy, but they enjoy exercise. If you adopt this mix be prepared to take them swimming once a week!

The only downside to these gentle giants is their grooming. They have a tendency to drool and their thick, dense fur may also get matted and require special attention.

8. Golden Irish

Golden Retriever and Irish Setter

Golden Irish

Golden Irish mixes have the same lean body as an Irish Setter, but they have a slightly larger head due to their Golden Retriever genetics. They have a long, silky coat that is often red like a Golden Retriever or a warm brown color.

This mix was likely bred because both parent dogs have strong hunting instincts. Crowing them makes a superb hunting dog.

Golden Irish dogs are graceful and skilled at canine sports and agility trials. They have lots of energy and love going to the dog park to burn it all off. Once they are tired, they make affectionate companions that will snuggle up beside you on the couch.

9. Golden Hound

Golden Retriever and Basset Hound

Golden Hound

Golden Hounds, sometimes called Basset Retrievers, are an adorably odd-looking mix of Golden Retriever and Basset Hound. These dogs have the body and head of a Golden Retriever but keep the short legs of a Basset Hound. They also have the long, floppy ears of a Basset Hound and stand just 10 to 14 inches tall.

These dogs have strong hunting instincts and love to be outdoors. They are at their happiest when hiking and following interesting scents. After they have gone on an outdoor adventure, their calm disposition makes them the perfect snuggle buddy.

10. Golden Sammy

Golden Retriever and Samoyed

Golden Sammy

The Golden Sammy has the face of a Golden Retriever with the fluffy fur of a Samoyed. Their fur attracts everyone who sees them. They are as fluffy as a cloud and look like a white dog with light gold fur sticking out in all directions.

Golden Sammies have a calm personality that make them the perfect family dog. These dogs spread joy with their happy smile and will make friends with everyone they meet. They are also gentle and patient with children!

Although both parent breeds are high-energy, working dogs, the Golden Sammy is surprisingly low maintenance. They are quite happy with a moderate walk and some play in the yard. They will happily chase after a ball in the yard, making you smile with their goofy antics.

11. Golden Pitbull

Golden Retriever and Pitbull

Golden Pitbull

The Golden Pitbull is a rare mix of the Golden Retriever and American Pitbull Terrier, not other Pitbull type dogs like the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

It is not known why these two breeds were first bred. Possibly, it was because both are affectionate, patient family dogs. It is also possible breeders chose to breed American Pitbull Terriers with a beloved dog to improve their status.

Golden Pitbulls are affectionate, loyal and friendly towards everyone they meet. They are often so happy to see their friends they get overexcited and jump because they cannot keep all their energy trapped in their bodies.

They are a high energy breed that needs lots of walks, runs and play. Many of these golden retriever mixes do well with agility training because of the American Pitbull Terrier’s hard work ethic.

12. Goldmaraner

Golden Retriever and Weimaraner

Goldmaraner running through an open backyard

The Goldmaraner is a beautiful mix of Golden Retriever and Weimaraner. This hybrid has the appearance of a Golden Retriever, but the gray coat of a Weimaraner. Sometimes they are mistaken for Silver Labs because of their blue/gray coat.

Goldmaraners are highly energetic and demand lots of exercise. These golden retriever mixes love to swim but will happily engage in any other type of sport.

Despite being sweet and kind dogs, they can be wary and nervous around strangers. They are not aggressive, just anxious, but will require early socialization to combat this behavior.

13. Golden Shiba

Golden Retriever and Shiba Inu

Golden Shiba
The Golden Shiba is one of the most unique hybrids in this list.

Golden Retrievers and Shiba Inus are drastically different in both appearance and personality, so this mix is difficult to predict.

Golden Shibas can have the characteristic curly tail of the Shiba Inu, or they may not! They can have pointy ears, or their ears may flop over like a Golden Retriever’s. Their size varies greatly too as they can weigh from 30 to 60 pounds.

Their temperament also varies. Golden Retrievers are known for being joyful and friendly, but Shiba Inus have a very stubborn, sassy personality. You may get a dog with an equal mix of these traits, or your dog may behave only like one parent.

Whichever parent your dog takes after, it will be extremely smart and will have lots of energy.

14. Golden Pyrenees

Golden Retriever and Great Pyrenees

Golden Pyrenees

This incredible Golden Retriever mixed breed is part Golden and part Great Pyrenees. By mating these two dogs, breeders were able to make the typically sedentary Great Pyrenees much more lively, energetic and playful.

These beautiful dogs have the face and body of a Golden Retriever, but have the characteristic “lion mane” that Great Pyrenees’ are famous for. This mane is not as thick as a purebred Great Pyrenees’, but it is equally as beautiful.

Golden Pyrenees are regal dogs with a calm, gentle disposition.

They get along well with their family, but can be a little over-protective at times. This causes them to be wary of strangers. They may also need some extra training because they can be stubborn and only listen when they want to.

15. Golden Corgi

Golden Retriever and Corgi

Golden Corgi

This delightful mixed breed was created by crossing the fun Corgi with the loyal Golden Retriever. These dogs are just Golden Retrievers stuffed into a Corgi’s body!

They have the same face, ears, body shape, and tail as a typical Golden Retriever but the stubby legs of a Corgi, standing 10 to 18 inches tall.

Golden Corgis are likely to be little comedians that will have you laughing at all times. The Corgi in them causes them to be goofy while the Golden Retriever makes them social and outgoing with everyone they meet. What a perfect match!

Any family or individual could easily welcome a Golden Corgi into their life. These dogs are adaptable and match well with just about any type of lifestyle.

16. Golden Collie

Golden Retriever and Collie

Golden Collie

The Golden Collie is bred by mating a Golden Retriever with any type of Collie dog. This lovely mix, also known as a Gollie, has the same long, narrow face of a Border Collie, but has ears that are halfcocked due to the Golden’s floppy ears.

Golden Collies have the friendly personality of a Golden Retriever, but the quick wit and energy of a Collie. These dogs need more than just a simple walk or game of fetch; active owners are needed to handle the energy of a Golden Collie.

They need mental stimulation just as much as they need physical stimulation. Herding trials, agility courses, complex obedience, and even giving your dog a job are great ways to challenge them.

17. Golden Boxer

Golden Retriever and Boxer

The Golden Boxer was created by deliberately breeding Golden Retrievers and Boxers. Boxers are known to be wary around strangers. Breeders were aware of the uneasiness Boxers experience around strangers, so they crossed them with Golden Retrievers. The goal was to make a more outgoing, friendly, and trusting mix.

It is not possible to predict the appearance of a Golden Boxer. These mixes look very different from one another, but most have the black coloring around their nose and mouth that Boxers have.

18. Golden Aussie

Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd

Golden Aussie

The Golden Retriever and Australian Shepherd were bred to create the Golden Aussie.

This athletic mix has the body of an Australian Shepherd and the face of a Golden Retriever. Provided they are bred with a standard-sized, and not a mini Australian Shepherd, they are 19 to 23 inches tall.

Golden Aussies have the beautiful, multi-colored coat of an Aussie with the regal gold of a Golden Retriever.

These dogs are intensely loyal to their families and bond closely with adults. Unfortunately they sometimes display herding behaviors and nip at childrens’ ankles. They can also be a bit protective of family members around other dogs and strangers too.

These dogs are very active and overly intelligent. They need an owner who is ready to challenge them with dog sports and agility courses to keep their mind and body busy.

19. Golden Pei

Golden Retriever and Shar-Pei

The Golden Pei is a beautiful mix that retains the curled tail, long muzzle and wrinkles of a Shar-Pei. Unlike a traditional purebred Shar-Pei, they will not be covered in wrinkles, but they have a cute, droopy face with a few wrinkles around their neck.

This mix is affectionate and gentle with their family members. They are intensely loyal and love to spend time snuggling on the couch. They are a moderately active breed, but a good walk in the morning will tire them out. In the afternoon they will be ready for a long nap.

20. Great Golden Dane

Golden Retriever and Great Dane

If you plan on welcoming this puppy into your home, make sure you have a big yard! Great Golden Danes are a giant mix produced by crossing a Golden Retriever and Great Dane. These dogs weigh 75 to 100 pounds can stand up to 27 inches tall.

Great Golden Danes can have the short, stiff coat of a Great Dane or the long, silky fur of a Golden Retriever. Their appearance is hard to predict, but, these dogs are known for their friendly disposition and get along very well with everyone they meet.

As puppies, they tend to be overly energetic and can be very rambunctious. Some owners find this overwhelming, but they mellow out as they age and only require a moderate amount of exercise when they are adults.

21. Beago

Golden Retriever and Beagle


The Beago is an incredibly adorable mix of Golden Retriever and Beagle. These dogs keep the smaller size of a traditional Beagle and stand 17 to 19 inches tall. They can have the short fur of a Beagle, but most mixes take the long fur of a Golden Retrieve.

Beagos are happy-go-lucky dogs that do not have a care in the world! They spread joy wherever they go. They love the outdoors so much you can find them spreading joy at the dog park.

They have an incredible nose and prey drive, so if you teach them to hunt, they will excel! That amazing nose can also be used for mischief to get into any food left within their reach. Because they sneak so many snacks they often become obese.

22. Golden Rottie

Golden Retriever and Rottweiler

The Golden Rottie is an energetic cross of a Golden Retriever and Rottweiler. These dogs look like a Golden Retriever in a Rottweiler’s outfit! They have the long fur, body and face of a Golden Retriever with the tan and brown coloring of a Rottweiler.

Golden Rotties are a very sweet mix. They especially love their family and will always be glued to your side, dutifully protecting you from any sort of danger.

These dogs pack a lot of energy into their muscular bodies and need a good outlet. They love running, playing at dog parks, swimming and hiking.

Which Golden Is Best?

Choosing the right golden retriever mix is hard. Researching potential mixes and looking at your lifestyle will help you pick the perfect dog:

  • Are you active or sedentary?
  • Do you have children or live alone?
  • Do you live in a small apartment or a large home?
  • Do you have any experience of dog ownership?

If you like to stay at home, you should avoid mixes like the Golden Rottie, the Golden Aussie and the Goldmaraner. The Beago, Great Golden Dane, or the Goldendox may be a better fit.

For young families, the Goldador makes a great choice. Mixes like the Golden Aussie are not great with kids.

If you live in a small home bringing home a giant dog like the Great Golden Dane or the Golden Newfie might be difficult. Select a smaller hybrid like the Golden Hound.

Less experienced owners should choose an easy-to-train breed like the Goldendoodle. The Golden Dox and Golden Shiba can be hard to handle.

All of these Golden Retriever mixes are fantastic dogs, and there are still so many more we did not cover! Which is your favorite?

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