20 Most Popular Goldendoodle Haircuts of 2022 (with Pictures)

If you have a Goldendoodle then you need to give it a haircut that matches his shining personality.

Goldendoodles are a mix between the Golden Retriever and the Poodle, so they can have a curly, wavy or straight coat. Due to the variety of Goldendoodle colors and coat types, the best cut really depends on your mix.

Dogs with really curly hair can benefit from a short style. If you want to see the beautiful slight waves of your Goldendoodle, then you might opt for a longer style. Below we share with you the 20 best Goldendoodle haircuts with pictures so you can decide which would look the best on your doodle.

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20 Popular Goldendoodle Haircut Styles

Teddy Bear Haircut

Goldendoodle Teddy Bear Haircut

What if you could transform your Goldendoodle into an adorable plush toy? That is exactly what the teddy bear cut does. This popular cut shaves down the hair on the body to about 1-2 inches so that it is practical for the summer. But the hair around the head and on the ears is left twice as long. This round and fluffy head is what gives them the teddy bear face. Even around the paws the hair is rounded so that it looks like it has teddy bear arms.

Kennel Cut

Kennel Cut

The kennel cut is the perfect summer haircut. The hair over the body is trimmed to about 0.5 inches. The tails is usually left long, and the head can also be trimmed down or left longer to give a little variety. This style is very popular because of its practicality and easy maintenance. It is perfect for Goldendoodle who love to play outside during the summer.

Puppy Cut

Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is designed to make your Goldendoodle look like a young pup, no matter its age. This style clips the hair over the body to a short even trim, but it is a bit longer than the kennel cut. The hair is usually trimmed between 1-2 inches over the body. The other difference is that the hair around the head is cut into the round shape of a puppy’s face.

This short cut is popular because of how cute your Goldendoodle looks, how easy it is to maintain and how wonderful it is for the summer.

Goldendoodle Poodle Cut

If your Goldendoodle has curly hair then this is a great haircut to consider, especially if you want it to look like a Poodle. This styles is short-trimmed hair over the body but the legs and tail are left a bit fluffier. The face is also trimmed to leave it hair free around the muzzle and under the eyes. But the hair over the head and ears is left longer. This style needs a bit more maintenance than the kennel cut, but it is great for people who want a more mature and elegant look.

Lamb Cut

Lamb Cut

The lamb cut is similar to the puppy cut but it will make your Goldendoodle look like a little lamb instead of a puppy. The hair over the body is trimmed evenly to about 1-2 inches, but the hair on the legs can be left slightly longer.

All of the edges are rounded and the hair is blow-dried to give your dog a poofy look just like a cuddly little lamb. The hair over the face can be shaved or left long and cut into different styles. The ears are cut in a rounded shaped and puffed out. People love this haircut because their Goldendoodle’s coat will be very soft and irresistibly cuddly.

Lion Cut

In the Poodle world, the lion cut is also known as the continental cut. This hairstyle will make your Goldendoodle look like a majestic lion. The hair over the body and legs is trimmed down short. But the hair around the head and over the chest is all left long, like a lion’s mane. The tail is also left bushy.


The dino cut is a fun and silly Goldendoodle haircut. This style is similar to the kennel cut but with a modification on the back. The hair is trimmed evenly over the body, but over the spine small tufts of hair are left longer and shaped into squares. This is to mimic the back of a Stegosaurus.


The Mohawk is a kennel cut over the body, but the hair over the spine is left longer to create a mohawk that goes from the head all the way to the tail. The top of the head might also be a bit fluffier to really make your Goldendoodle look like a rock star. How long you decide to leave the Mohawk really depends on you!

Medium Length Haircut

Medium Length Haircut

This hairstyle is good for any Goldendoodle no matter its coat type. The hair is cut to over 2 inches from the skin. This styles is especially great for Goldendoodles with shaggy, wavy or straight hair whose natural flowing locks you want to show off. It is less maintenance than long hair, but you will still need to brush your Goldendoodle often.

Short Cut with Plumed Tail

Plumed Tail Cut

It is all about the tail with this cut. Usually the hair over the body is cut short so that the tail stands out. The hair on the tail is let to grow to its natural length all the way from the base, and then brushed so that it looks like a plume. The hair around the head can be trimmed and styled to any form you like.

This style is perfect for Goldendoodle’s with some shagginess or natural waves. You can show off this feature on the tail while keeping their body hair short for the summer.

Flag Tail

Flag Tail Cut

This haircut will make your Goldendoodle’s tail look like a flag. The hair on the underside of the tail are left longer than on the top. So when your Goldendoodle swishes its tail around, it seems like it is moving a crescent shaped flag. The hair over the body is trimmed down so that the hair on the tail can shine. The hair on the tail will need regular brushing to keep it tangle free, but this is a fairly low maintenance cut.

Bell Bottom Cut

Do you have a Goldendoodle with attitude? This cut will give them some flare by making their legs look like bellbottoms. The hair over the torso is cut short while the hair on the legs is cut into tear drop shapes, with the hair growing in length from the elbow to the paw.

This is a difficult cut so you will need to take them to the groomer. It is also not good for dogs who like running in the mud a lot as the hair on the legs can get dirty and tangled pretty easily.

The Pom Pom Look

This style is similar to the lion cut except that it does not have the lion’s mane. Your Goldendoodle will look more like a fun cheerleader. They will have pom poms cut over their paws and the tip of their tail. This cut is usually paired with a trimmed body to show off the pom poms. The top of the head can also be puffy as if it had a mohawk, or cut short.

If you want your Goldendoodle to look like a Poodle then this is definitely one that you should try.

The Top Knot Style

To achieve this Goldendoodle haircut the hair on top of the head must be long. The rest of the body can be cut to any length you prefer. The focus here is on the head. Usually the hair over the muzzle and around the face is cut shorter and a mullet is left on the Goldendoodle’s head so that it can be tied into a top knot. This is another great choice for dogs with straight or wavy hair.

Clean Face Cut

Clean Face Cut

With the clean face cut, the hair over the muzzle and around the eyes is trimmed short. You can even trim the ears down to really get a clean cut. But the hair over the head can be left longer, so your Goldendoodle does not look completely bald. This style is very practical for keeping the face nice and clear. The rest of the hair over the body can be cut in any style and length you want.

Round Feet Cut

Round Feet Cut

This haircut is like your Goldendoodle is wearing shoes. The hair on the bottom of the legs is left long enough that it covers the paws, including the nails. The hair is then cut neatly with scissors so that it is round and fluffy. To create the illusion of wearing shoes, the hair over the body should be trimmed shorter than the hair over the feet.

This cute style is another simple one that is easy to maintain and great for the summer.

Teddy Bear Shaggy

Shaggy Teddy Bear Cut

The traditional Teddy Bear Cut makes your Goldendoodle’s face look nicely rounded. This adorable look is easy to do with curly hair, but what about your shaggy Goldendoodle? They can get a Teddy Bear Cut too, though they will look slightly different.

Clipped Ears

Clipped Ears

For Goldendoodles who have straight, wavy or shaggy hair, it can be good to cut the hair that hangs from the ears to prevent any matting. The hair around the head can also be cut short to match the ears. You can also trim down the body hair like in the kennel cut to give them a practical cut.

Full Ears

Full Ears

The alternative to clipped ears is having ears that are nice and fluffy. With this look the hair on the ears is left at its natural length. Leaving the ears long can be a great complement to medium-length hair. While this does require more maintenance than the clipped ears look, your pooch will look incredibly beautiful with full ears.

Poodle Feet

Having short hair over the feet is a great option for active Doodles. This practical style clips off the hair over the feet so that it is easier for you to clean off your their paws. This cut can also be paired with other styles like the poodle cut or the lamb cut to give a nice clean finish.

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Goldendoodle Haircuts Before and After

Puppy Cut

Puppy cut before and after
Before (Left): Golden doodle with shaggy hair | After (Right): Puppy Cut

Teddy Bear Cut

Teddy Bear Cut before and after
Before (Left): Golden doodle with shaggy hair | After (Right): Teddy Bear Cut

Kennel Cut

Kennel Cut Goldendoodle
Before (Left): Shaggy Goldendoodle | After (Right): Kennel Cut

All About Goldendoodle Haircuts

It is commonly asked sould you cut a Goldendoodles hair?

The answer is yes.

Most Goldendoodle have a medium to long coat length, and although it is low shedding, it need regular brushing and cutting to maintain it.

Goldendoodle puppies need their first haircuts between the ages of 4-6 months. It is important that you take it as a puppy so that it can get use to the process and does not fear the groomer as an adult. You can help your Goldendoodle get used to being groomed by exposing it at home to things like the blow dryer, clippers, brushes, and water baths.

Their coat can grow very rapidly so you will want to take it to the groomer often to maintain its hairstyle. If they have hair trimmed short then you can take it every 8-10 weeks. But dogs with longer hair should be taken more frequently at 6-8 weeks since longer hair is more prone to tangling and matting.

A typical grooming session can take anywhere from 2-4 hours, and includes a bath, blow drying, nail clipping, sanitary trimming, ear cleaning, and the professional trim. The cost depends on where you live and the type of groomer you go to, but on average it can range from $75 to $150.

In addition to professional grooming you should also groom them at home.

When kept at its natural length, the coat of a Goldendoodle should be brushed daily. Use a slicker brush for the outer coat and a metal comb to get the hairs deeper inside. Doing this will make sure that the hair is kept tangle and mat-free. It is important too that you bathe your Goldendoodle every so often with a gentle and tearless shampoo to keep the coat clean.

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