Pitbull Names: 500 Best Girl & Boy Pittie Names

If you have adopted a pitbull puppy then prepare to be covered in kisses, smothered in snuggles and have a best friend!

Pitbulls are one of the most loyal and affectionate dog breeds out there.

Loyal as ever the pitbull has become a family favorite breed. The name given to your pitbull should be one that fits its role as a member of the family. It should also feel strong and safe.

All 500 of our pitbull names capture the powerful, loyal and sweet nature that this breed has to offer…

Girl Pitbull Names

Girl Pitbull Names

Female pitbulls are the image of strength and beauty. They may come in a slightly smaller size than males, but they are just as energetic, loyal and protective.

Pitbulls are one of the most protective and loving of all dog breeds. Females have a motherly instinct that is ingrained into their temperament.

For many years the pitbull was a breed nicknamed the ‘Nanny Dog’ for how good they are with kids and how safe they kept children. Having this dog is like having your very own babysitter! Their smiling face just makes it all the better to add to your family, especially if they are a tri-color pittie.

Their reputation as a protector comes from an ability to take such good care of anyone who adopts them. They are loyal to no end, especially females.

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Girl pitbulls are known for their patience, care and tolerance. This means your pitbull rightfully deserves a name that feels as motherly and loving as it does.

If you are lucky enough to be adopting a female pitbull then naming such a lovely lady is a joy. Listed below we have ranked our favorite girl puppy names. You can start by looking at the top 10, but honestly they are all our favorites!

Girl Pitbull Names 1 to 250
1. Arya92. Fawn183. Drizzle
2. Nora93. Goddess184. Phoebe
3. Latte94. Sapphire185. Nini
4. Mimi95. Ophelia186. Nala
5. Sydney96. Rosie187. Victory
6. Kit97. Thea188. Feather
7. Jelena98. Brooklyn189. Fay
8. Elsa99. Mocha190. Sadie
9. Sally100. Minni191. Buttercup
10. Fern101. Xena192. Honey
11. Sugar102. Mila193. Sasha
12. Winnie103. Jenna194. Heidi
13. Poe104. Sweetie Pie195. Eleanor
14. Trixie105. Fluffy196. Izzy
15. Raina106. Olivia197. Comet
16. Frida107. Becky198. Luna
17. Mia108. Delilah199. Geneva
18. Nana109. Callie200. Lulu
19. Layla110. Annie201. Charlotte
20. Butterscotch111. Ariel202. Foxy
21. Nutmeg112. Hadley203. Zoe
22. Dee-Dee113. Skye204. Athena
23. Baby114. Kiki205. Keats
24. Napa115. Princess206. Paisley
25. Poppy116. Lacey207. Josie
26. Verona117. Bonnie208. Milene
27. Erin118. Dora209. Francisca
28. Beauty119. Ava210. Violet
29. Tex120. Macy211. Charli
30. Cadence121. Bella212. Madison
31. Dusty122. Lucy213. Riley
32. Cookie123. Tweety214. Danica
33. Clara124. Faye215. Xenon
34. Eva125. Jane216. Misty
35. JoJo126. Lola217. Florence
36. Roxy127. Duchess218. Fortune
37. Molly128. Sassy219. Betsy
38. Freckle129. Vervain220. Lava
39. Lassie130. Daffodil221. Helen
40. Siri131. Maya222. Vida
41. Silky132. Nona223. Nikki
42. Maddie133. Betty Boop224. Gracie
43. Juliet134. Zara225. Lilly
44. Shelby135. Serena226. Coco
45. Dixie136. Dakota227. Maggie
46. Angel137. Echo228. Flo
47. Ivy138. Snarky229. Holly
48. Wren139. Stella230. Neon
49. Adele140. Edith231. Pebbles
50. Nova141. Hazel232. Lexi
51. May142. Millie233. Brandy
52. Darla143. Abie234. Tessa
53. Gigi144. Sansa235. Beatrice
54. Penny145. Leia236. Cassie
55. Juno146. Iggy237. Kailey
56. Dinah147. Paris238. Summer
57. Amber148. Hannah239. Pepper
58. Nina149. Mary240. Fiona
59. Olive150. Harper241. Shadow
60. Fauna151. Cleo242. Thelma
61. Katie152. Gail243. Maisy
62. Marley153. Emma244. Precious
63. Abby154. Aurora245. Zaria
64. Pearl155. Smoothie246. Brownie
65. Bailey156. Aspen247. Beatrix
66. Sunny157. Ruby248. Bambi
67. Piper158. Queenie249. Gogo
68. Chloe159. Lindsay250. Bumble
69. Pixie160. Dolly251. Irene
70. Sophie161. Halo252. Marigold
71. Unity162. Kona253. Azula
72. Anna163. Emily254. Pickle
73. Lady164. Java255. Dot
74. Merkle165. Minnie256. Daffy
75. Belle166. Elise257. Lavender
76. Missy167. Ella258. Periwinkle
77. Wanda168. Willow259. Mochi
78. Indy169. Grace260. Mimosa
79. Jasmine170. Remi261. Cinnamon
80. Daisy171. Penelope262. Bea
81. Bingo172. Sandy263. Peanut
82. Annabelle173. Dove264. Nugget
83. Lizzie174. Addy265. Eleven
84. Lila175. Blossom266. Perdita
85. Candance176. Yara267. May
86. Rachael177. Sparkle268. Iris
87. Cozy178. Rainbow269. Carnation
88. Fifi179. Moana270. Ginny
89. Ellie180. Ginger271. Pumpkin
90. Tiana181. Georgia272. Koda
91. Suki182. Keeper272. Elouise

Boy Pitbull Names

Boy Pitbull Names

Boy oh boy, if you are so lucky as to be adopting a rough and tumble little boy pitbull puppy we sure are jealous of you! Confident, intelligent, friendly, and all around as happy as can be, male pitbulls are one of the most perfect pets a family can have.

You are adopting the right breed if you are looking for a best friend that is an attention hog.

Boy puppies are huge lovers of attention and they will do anything for you to spend all day right by their side. As long as they are the apple of your eye, you will get along fine.

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Don’t be surprised if your boy has lots of energy. Pitbulls are big fans of walks, and love to play and have fun. Be sure to take them out for an hour each day to release all of that amazing energy.

Pitbulls are also fast to bond. If you have a large family at home then consider this puppy already a part of that group. Your male pitbull is about to become a friend for life.

Whatever kind of boy puppy name you have in mind we have over 250 male pitbull names that will suit him better than you could ever imagine…

Boy Pitbull Names 1 to 250
1. King89. Gunner177. Cruzer
2. Maddox90. Dibo178. Crash
3. Poe91. Leon179. Gordon
4. Reilly92. Sammy180. Panic
5. Cub93. Enzo181. Ares
6. Spartacus94. Leo182. Carl
7. Bane95. Blaze183. Grudge
8. Otis96. Karl184. Chip
9. Caviar97. Koby185. Hunter
10. Barrack98. Buddy186. Jagger
11. Blade99. Emrys187. Earl
12. Oden100. Jackal188. Thunder
13. Joro101. Macho189. Ilyse
14. Roger102. Charles190. Alfie
15. Yukon103. Basil191. George
16. Quinn104. Will192. Jefferson
17. Edgar105. Rev193. Nano
18. Saint106. Biggie194. Astro
19. Sergio107. Tater195. Cole
20. Thor108. Harley196. Igloo
21. Mason109. Gizmo197. Pibble
22. Cody110. Angus198. Toby
23. Devon111. Emerson199. Zack
24. Ghost112. Phin200. Brutus
25. Fang113. Noble201. Fynn
26. Sokka114. Tron202. Avalanche
27. Max115. Zeus203. Kirby
28. Simon116. Dillin204. Leo
29. Beast117. Ray205. Elliot
30. Jonny118. Scorpio206. Vinnie
31. Fritz119. Oscar207. Mylo
32. Roy120. Duke208. Vader
33. Rex121. Harry209. Finn
34. Happy122. Chaos210. Homer
35. Rico123. Leonard211. Casper
36. Alpha124. Retro212. Elias
37. Surge125. Kip213. Cesar
38. Dozer126. Gage214. Franklin
39. Draco127. Lance215. Dale
40. Jack128. Eliot216. Jasper
41. Diesel129. Magnum217. Colonel
42. Tank130. Chief218. Portus
43. Whopper131. Kilo219. Manny
44. Nevelle132. Brando220. Ace
45. Bolt133. Mika221. Bruce
46. Myson134. Elia222. Hammer
47. Mordecai135. Reaper223. Wiz
48. Hank136. Jedi224. Sparta
49. Eddie137. Killer225. Maverick
50. Fury138. Marco226. Zeke
51. Deputy139. Butch227. Jaws
52. Charlie140. Bruiser228. Hulk
53. Irvin141. Noah229. Rocco
54. Jarvis142. Birch230. Isaiah
55. Moose143. Einstein231. Rhys
56. Freddie144. Jumbo232. Trooper
57. Edgard145. Tim233. Andy
58. Hamilton146. Kane234. Sage
59. Hobo147. Lenny235. Donnie
60. Lebron148. Quinton236. Spoon
61. Titan149. Mack237. Raider
62. Idon150. Frankie238. Joshua
63. Rugger151. Percival239. Caleb
64. Dijon152. Hopper240. Joe
65. Godzilla153. Dodge241. Flip
66. Rocky154. Norton242. Chase
67. Zuko155. Nitro243. Mugsie
68. Sumo156. Buster244. Thornton
69. Ryder157. Blitz245. Tiller
70. Spike158. Colt246. Sherlock
71. Tyson159. Jax247. Lark
72. Harrison160. Rosco248. Denim
73. Benji161. Archie249. Kylo
74. Manson162. Lazarus250. Wilson
75. Caesar163. Ozzy251. Oakley
76. Nick164. Gregory252. Tyrion
77. Muzzy165. Carter253. Grant
78. Flynn166. Robin254. Wolf
79. Kai167. Regan255. Vinny
80. Danny168. FelixAce256. Atlas
81. Evan169. Bruno257. Woody
82. Victor170. Henry258. Porter
83. Bandit171. Gideon259. Ryan
84. Vice172. Beau260. Womble
85. Junie173. Odie261. Doug
86. Casino174. Sal262. Timber
87. Pete175. Samson263. Watson
88. Georgio176. Yeti264. Sparrow

No matter what color, size, or gender pitbull you adopt we are sure one of the 500 pitbull names above will suit him or her best.

Pitbulls are really the most amazing cuddle bugs and they will find the perfect place in your home. They are great family dogs with a friendly personality and a loyal nature.

Let us know which pitbull name you picked for your puppy in the comments!

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