Poodle Cuts: 15 Best Haircuts For Poodles

The fluffy coat of a Poodle is like a playground for groomers.

For owners that love stylizing their dogs the Poodle is a great choice. Their curly and fluffy coats are one of the reasons why they are so popular.

That does not mean that their coat has to be high maintenance.

Not all dogs need to have an extravagant haircut. Many owners are happy with a simple and natural look that is easy to care for at home.

Their coat has so much potential for so many different hairstyles that there are now more than 15 Poodle cuts. Keep reading for some of the most popular haircuts so you can find a trendy style for your dog.

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Poodle Haircuts

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Poodles are known for being a smart breed, but they are also loved for their beautiful hairstyles.

Groomers love playing with Poodles’ fur to create new hairstyles and looks.

There are now more than 15 recognized Poodle cuts.

Each hairstyle is different and based on the length of the hair, whether trims are even or uneven, the areas that are shaved, and if there are “pom-poms” or not.

Every cut will look slightly different. Some haircuts are best suited for the Toy, Mini or Standard.

Whether you want your Poodle to look like a regal duke, or need a low-maintenance summer cut, there is something for every dog! There are many ways their coat can be styled…

HaircutStyleSuited ToMaintenance
Lion (Continental)Hair remains long and “poofy” on the head and ears. The chest has long hair that is rounded. Face, body, tail, paws and legs are shaved, except at the bottom of the legs, the tip of the tail and a region on the back where pom-poms are left.AllHigh
Teddy BearThe length of the hair is even throughout the body, but hair on the face is left longer.Toy or MiniLow
LambHair on the body is shorter than hair on the legs. Face, paws, and base of the tail are shaved.AllLow
Summer (Kennel or Utility Clip)Short coat over the entire body, except the head and tail.AllLow
PuppyHair is even, short and left natural throughout the entire body.Toy or MiniLow
GermanSimilar to the summer cut, but with the ears shaved and the tail free of a pom-pom. Hair is cut with scissors to create sharp angles.StandardMedium
Modern (European)The cut on the body is meant to leave the fur long, but not as long as the Lion cut. The top knot is fluffy and round and blends in with the neck. Only the face, paws, and base of the tail are shaved.StandardHigh
Plush ToyThe hair is cut between 1-1.5 inches over the whole body. Brushing after cutting “plushes up” the hair so that it is soft, fluffy and smooth.ToyLow
CurlyThe natural curls of the Poodle are left untouched in curly spirals throughout the body.AllLow
PonytailsHair on the face is trimmed short while the hair on the ears is left very long.AllLow
Royal TailThe focus of this style is the tail. Hair on the rest of the body is cut short while the tail is left with very long and fluffy hair.AllLow
English SaddleThis hairstyle is similar to the Lion cut, but with more hair on the body and fewer pom-poms.AllHigh
Dutch (Sporting)Hair is uniform throughout the entire body and only the tail is left with a small pom-pom.AllLow
CupcakeThe top-knot and ears are styled so they look like a cupcake. The rest of the body is evenly cut short.Mini or ToyLow
Bikini (Miami)Hair is cut short on the body and the top knot is left at a medium or long length. The face, paws, and base of the tail are shaved. Pompoms are present on each leg and at the tip of the tail.AllLow

15 Best Poodle Cuts

Summer Cut (Utility or Kennel)

Summer Cut
Even hair throughout the body with a “top-knot” on the head and a poofy tail.

The summer cut is one of the most popular haircuts for Poodles because it is so low maintenance.

This style is just what your dog needs for a hot summer. It is especially great for dogs who are very active and love to run outside. It can be used for Standard, Toy and Mini variations.

The hair over the entire body is trimmed as short as possible so that they can feel comfortable and fresh during the hot summer months. The head, ears and tail are left with long, fluffy hair. The face and the paws are the only areas that are shaved.

Since this style is so easy to do, anyone can pull off this cut with the right clippers, even at home!

Puppy Cut

Puppy Cut
Forever cute puppy look.

The puppy cut is one of the most popular cuts for young, Mini and Teacup Poodles.

What people love most about this clip is that it will leave their dog looking like a young pup forever. The hair is made to be fluffy and short like a puppy’s.

The hair is trimmed even and short over the entire body. It is different from the summer cut because the face and the paws are not shaved. The hair on the ears and tail is also not left as long.

This style is not suitable for the Standard Poodle and the American Kennel Club will not allow any Standard over the age of 1 to compete with this cut. They consider this haircut to be for young dogs.

Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear Cut
Teddy bear head with even hair throughout the body.

A teddy bear trim is very similar to a Puppy cut. The only difference is that the hair on the head is left longer than the rest of the short and evenly-trimmed body. This gives the Poodle a rounded head like a teddy bear.

Its curly fur is also brushed so that it is soft and fluffy like a teddy. You will want to snuggle with your dog after it comes back from the groomer’s!

The purpose of this style is to make your dog look like a cute teddy bear dog.

This hairstyle is incredibly popular for young or Toy and Mini. It is not the best for a Standard as they are too big to be considered “cute and fluffy”.

Lion Cut (Continental)

Lion Cut
Dog looks like a lion with a mane and shaved body.

The lion cut is designed to make a dog look regal and elegant. With this haircut your Poodle is sure to turn heads, but it is not an easy style so seeing a professional is a must.

Hair around the head and on the ears is left long and is clipped evenly and fluffed up. The hair on the chest is rounded and long so that it looks like they have the mane of a lion.

The rest of the body, face and paws are shaved except where the hair is left long to make pom-poms. The pom-poms are found on all four legs over the paws, at the tip of the tail, and two over the back.

While not a very practical haircut for the average owner, this iconic style still remains one of the most popular. You will probably see this style when watching a Poodle dog show. It is one of only two haircuts accepted for competition.

German Cut

German Cut
Short hair throughout the entire body with sharp angles. Ears, face and paws are shaved.

The German is similar to the Summer Clip, but is considered to be more stylish because all the edges are clipped into sharp angles. This hairstyle can only be done with hand-scissoring to create the sharp angles needed to show off this breed’s body.

Unlike the Summer clip the ears are shaved and there is no poof on the tail.

Like the Summer it is supposed to be a practical and low maintenance standard poodle cut.

With this cut Poodles will look very sleek and sharp. The short hair over the body and tail helps with easy brushing and maintenance. The shaved ears are especially helpful for dogs who are prone to getting ear infections.

It is incredibly popular for active, sporting dogs and is not really meant for the Toy or Mini.

Modern Cut (European)

Modern Cut
Medium length hair that highlights body features.

The Modern is popular for being the most glamorous hairstyle for a Poodle. It helps to accentuate the contours of their body and best suits a Standard.

Hair is left medium length, but it is not as long as other clips like the Lion. The chest is rounded and the hair on the front legs is left straight. Hair on the hind legs is clipped to follow their shape.

The puff on the head is rounded and fluffy, but it blends into the neck. The ears and tail are left fluffy. Only the face, paws, and base of the tail are shaved.

If you want to achieve this style, it must be done by a professional.

Lamb Cut

Lamb Cut
Coat is smooth over the entire body with no harsh lines.

This cut leaves the hair on the legs of a Poodle longer than the rest of the body. The legs will stand out with their fluffy hair and it avoids the “stick leg phenomenon” that some Standards have.

It will especially look great on Standard Poodles who have long legs to show off, but it is also a great option for Mini and Toys.

Hair over the head can be clipped as short or as long as the owner wishes, and the ears and the tip of the tail are left long. The face, base of the tail and paws are shaved.

This style is very practical and easy to maintain. It has recently grown a lot in popularity because it adds a little more style than other Poodle cuts.

For the owners that want their dog’s hair as fluffy and soft as a lamb’s, this cut is for them.

Plush Toy

Plush Toy
This haircut will make your pup look like a cute plush toy.

The Plush Toy hairstyle is very similar to the Teddy Bear trim. What makes it different is the hair around the head isn’t rounded, but is left the same length as the rest of the body.

Hair is cut between 1 and 1.5 inches over the entire body. After trimming it is brushed so that your Toy Poodle is “fluffed up”.

If you have got a Toy Poodle, this is the haircut for you. You will love how easy this style is to maintain and how adorable your dog will look.

Bikini Cut (Miami)

Miami Cut
Your dog will look like a cheerleader.

The Bikini trim is the same as the Summer, but with a bit more style!

It is great for owners who want their dog to have a stylish, but practical cut. It is designed to help a Poodle stay cool in the hot Miami summer.

The hair over the body is trimmed at a short length, but pom-poms are present over each paw and at the tip of the tail. The head, paws, and base of the tail are shaved. The top knot can vary in length based on the owner’s choice.

This cut is very easy to maintain and fits any Poodle. It will make your dog look like your own personal cheerleader.

Royal Tail

Royal Tail
Long hair on the tail contrasts with short hair on the rest of the body.

This is a simple yet elegant poodle hairstyle for owners who want a practical haircut with a bit more style.

The hair over the body is short, but the hair on the tail is left as long as possible. The tail can be styled however you want, whether as a pom-pom or long and wavy.

This style will look great on any Poodle, especially those in warmer climates. If you live in a hot place, you can still get a trendy cut for your Poodle even with its short hair.

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Dutch Cut (Sporting)

Dutch Cut
Smooth and continuous hairstyle except for the poofy tail.

The Dutch is also known as the Sporting clip by the United Kennel Club.

It is a very simple yet elegant cut where the hair over the whole dog is trimmed to a medium length. The only exception is the tail which is styled into a pom-pom.

It is different from the Royal Tail because the hair must be smooth and seamless throughout the Poodle, not short.

This cut is suitable for all sizes of Poodle and is very easy to maintain at home.

English Saddle

English Saddle
A snowball-like haircut with rounded poofy hair.

The English Saddle is very similar to the Lion Cut, but it does not shave the back as much. The hair on the back and legs is cut short instead of shaved and there are no pom-poms.

This haircut looks very elegant on a Standard Poodle, but it is perfectly acceptable for the Miniature. It is the only other hairstyle that is accepted for shows.

The rounded and puffed up chest gives the Poodle a snowball-like appearance. The top-knot, ears, and tail are left long and fluffy too. The hair on the legs and back is cut shorter.

In the 1960s this cut was very common in dog shows, but the Lion Cut is now more popular.


Twisted curls throughout the body.

All Poodles have naturally curly hair. In puppies this hair may seem wavier, but by two years old the hair has fully developed into soft curls. The tightness of these curls will depend on their genetics.

A curly hairstyle is just what the name sounds like. Hair au naturel!

Your Poodle is left with its beautiful natural curls. How long you cut the hair is all up to you.

If you take your Poodle to the groomer, they probably won’t do anything fancy. Just a nice bath and trim to make the coat look beautiful and healthy. This hairstyle is perfect for people who do not want anything stylish and instead want a coat that is easy to maintain.


Long-haired ears that look like two ponytails which can be decorated with bows.

The Ponytail is a simple, cute cut that anyone can do.

This hairstyle focuses on the Poodle’s head. The hair on the face is trimmed short so that the hair on the ears look longer. The ear hair is left long and wavy so that they look like two ponytails.

Owners typically decorate these ponytails with clips or bows to give their pup an extra cute appearance.

How the hair is trimmed on the rest of the body is up to you. It is often cut short to make the ponytails really stand out.


A small Poodle with a “cupcake head”.

The cupcake is a rare but stylish cut for Mini and Toy variations. The goal of this style is to make these dogs look like they have a cupcake head. The hair on the ears is rounded and the top-knot is styled to look like a cupcake.

Because this cut is so rare it will give any Poodle a unique yet adorable haircut.

How Often Should A Poodle Be Groomed?

All Poodles no matter their size have cute curly coats, but these coats do not just groom themselves. They need regular maintenance to look their best. Usually Poodles should be groomed every four to eight weeks.

This does not mean that your dog needs to be trimmed into a new hairstyle on each visit, but a nice trim helps prevent tangles from forming.

The exact frequency will depend on their current haircut and how long you want the hair to grow. The longer the hair is, the harder it is to maintain.

Poodles are hypoallergenic and do not shed, but they do need constant brushing. This is actually what makes them so high maintenance, not their haircuts.

Without proper grooming and haircuts their coats get tangled and matted. Not only is it a hassle to untangle knots and remove all the dirt, but it can also be painful and cause skin issues.

Hair that is not properly maintained can lead to infections. Trapped bacteria can infect the skin and cause the formation of painful sores.

The short answer is that all Poodles need their hair to at least be trimmed and groomed consistently. Whether you want them to have a specific hairstyle is up to you.

Haircuts are more important for show quality dogs that must look a certain way to be able to compete. If you are a regular owner you do not have to pay for extremely expensive or stylish clips. A simple clipping of the hair is sufficient.

Good low maintenance haircuts that you can try at home are the Summer Clip or Puppy Cut. If you want some personality, the Royal Tail or Ponytail are also great options to do at home.


The Poodle’s dense and curly coat allows groomers to create just about any haircut they can think of.

Some poodle haircuts are complicated and best left for the professionals, but many are actually very easy to trim and maintain at home. Summer and Puppy Cuts are very easy and are incredibly popular because of how great they look.

Cuts like the Lion and English Saddle are made for show dogs and should not be done at home.

Not all styles suit the different sized Poodles equally, but all haircuts add style! No matter which poodle cut you choose, it will make you happy to see your dog with such an adorable and cute haircut.

Why not give your Poodle its own style? Let us know your favorite cut in the comments.


  1. I’ve been getting my black toy, Watson, cut in a German cut for all of his adult 10.5 years, since my groomer suggested it for him. Since my poodles aren’t show dogs, I thought it was a great idea! He goes every 8 weeks. I take in one of the Beatles and get back a Marine recruit, and I love it.


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