Red Husky Dog: Everything You Need To Know

red husky

The Siberian Husky is one of the most active and energetic dogs in the world. Everyone knows they are able to run for miles and miles in the cold winters. However, not many people realize there are actually nine official coat colors.

One of the most beautiful Husky coats is red. The Red and White Husky, often called the Red Husky, is one of the nine official colors. This flaming red dog has all the personality traits that people love about the breed. They have boundless energy, ‘until death do us part’ loyalty and silly goofiness.

So what makes the Red Husky stand out? Keep on reading to learn all about them and why they might become your favorite color!

Breed Quick Facts
Height21-23.5 inches (male)
20-22 inches (female)
Weight45-60 pounds (male)
35-50 pounds (female)
CoatDouble coat, medium-length
ColorRed and white
TemperamentEnergetic, intelligent, playful, friendly, mischievous and loyal
Family FriendlyExtremely affectionate
BarksVery vocal, likes to howl
Lifespan12-14 years

Is The Red Husky Real?

Red Husky running happily down the snow.

Red is a natural color variation of the Siberian Husky. This means the Red Husky dog has existed ever since the Chukchi people started breeding their ancestors over 3,000 years ago.

The Red Husky is not a separate breed or mixed Husky breed, but a purebred Siberian Husky.

Red is one of the nine coat colors recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Out of the nine coat colors, red really stands out. Their copper face, back and nose completes their look as one of the most unique Huskies. Their vibrant red colors demand attention whenever you see them.

While Red Huskies might seem striking and unique, they are actually quite common, though not as common as their Black and White siblings. Their coat has two layers, which makes them incredibly fluffy and huggable.

If you feel like you are the right person for a Red Husky, you will be able to find one quite easily from many reputable breeders.

Just like all Huskies, this dog is highly energetic, intelligent, loyal and affectionate. They are great for families who love to be as active and playful as they are. You will never feel lonely or unloved with this breed by your side. This incredibly sociable dog will open up to anyone and you can depend on their loyalty.


A Red Husky has the facial features of a wolf, with almond eyes, pointy ears and a long, fine muzzle. Their coat is medium-length and has two layers, giving them a fluffy look.

Copper hues normally cover the back and tail, with a more vibrant red on the head, muzzle and over the eyebrows. Many also have a pinkish-copper nose, known as a red nose, which is unique to the red variant.

The red-colored portions on their body can range from a light red to a vibrant orange-red or dark copper. Very dark copper-colored Huskies are often called a deep red husky.

Their eyes can be blue, brown, one blue and one brown, amber or green.

Sometimes people might confuse the red siberian husky for a Brown. The easiest way to tell them apart is that the Brown Husky will look more like chocolate, and its nose will be more liver colored, not pinkish-copper.

They can also sometimes be confused with a red Alaskan Malamute. The difference is that an Alaskan Malamute is much bigger, weighing almost 20-30 pounds more.


The full grown size of a Red Husky will depend on if they are female or male.

Females tend to be slightly smaller at 20-22 inches tall and weigh 35-50 pounds, while males are 21-23.5 inches and weigh 45-60 pounds.

A Siberian Husky can take up to 2 years to be fully grown. Most Red Huskies will have reached about 90% of their full body size by 18 months.

As a puppy, when you bring them home at 8 weeks old, they will weigh between 8-15 pounds. By the time they are nine months old they should be around 25-45 pounds.

Red Husky standing in the middle of a snowy forest.

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Breed Characteristics
Family Friendly★★★★(4)
Energy Levels★★★★★(5)
Ease of Training★★★★★(2)
Shedding Frequency★★★★★(5)

The temperament of a red Siberian Husky might be just as fiery as their bright red coat. They are very extroverted dogs and having one means there will never be a boring moment.

A Red Husky will goof and play around all day with or without your permission. This dog just loves to have fun and make you laugh. Lots of owners like to play tricks on them, or play silly games, which is why you can find hilarious videos of them being ridiculous with their owners.

Sometimes they can be quite mischievous too. They are often referred to as the ‘Houdini’ of the dog world.

Being bored is a big no-no for a Red Husky.

They cannot sit still, which is why keeping their mind engaged is important. They can also be a bit clingy with their owner and don’t deal well with loneliness. A Husky that doesn’t have some form of entertainment will not be happy.

Not only is constant stimulation a must, but early training and socialization are too. Socialization can help avoid some destructive behaviors and will teach your Husky to cope better with being alone.

It is not uncommon for these dogs to become destructive, dig or howl to release their anxiety.

If you keep your dog in the yard, you might want to have a fence over 5 feet tall. A bored red husky dog is a master of escape and will try to climb or dig under any fence. You should not leave them alone without something to do.

This breed gets along with other dogs, but you have to be cautious with other pets in the house, especially cats. They are rarely aggressive, but they have a huge prey drive and love to chase small animals at top speed. This can be a bit scary for other small pets!

Red Husky Puppy

A Red Husky puppy standing on wooden planks.

Buying a Red Husky is a big commitment! This is not an easy dog to raise and some people quickly find that they are too overwhelming. Unfortunately, this is how many Red Huskies end up being left at shelters or at rescues.

If you are considering adopting this breed, you need to have enough time in your day to be able to exercise, train and socialize them. You should be an active person that loves to be outdoors and wants to bring a dog along on adventures and hikes. They love exploring the outside world and getting to run. They do not do well being indoors all day.

You should also be someone who doesn’t leave the house for extended periods of time. As a family-oriented dog, they need someone at home for large periods of the day.

People who are very busy at work and gone for most of the day away from the house are not best suited for this breed. Though they are an incredibly endearing and funny breed, it takes a special type of person to raise a red Siberian Husky.

When you first bring your puppy home, don’t be surprised if they want to stick to you all the time. A Red Husky puppy will want to be part of a pack, it is in their nature. They will want to be close to someone because that’s how they feel safe.

You will need to start training within the first week. It is not uncommon for a Husky puppy to howl, bite or dig at things. As your puppy grows, he will become more disciplined. However, you might not ever be able to get rid of the ‘zoomies’! Moving as fast as they can is just a part of their nature.

How Much Are Puppies?

The average price of a Red Husky puppy is about $750 to $1,000, when purchased from a reputable breeder. Sometimes a puppy can cost more than $1,000 if it is from a working lineage, but they should not cost more than their Black and White siblings.

If you decide to rescue a Red Husky from a shelter, it will cost you around $350. There are plenty of shelters and rescues around the US that take in Huskies. Eventually, they will get one with a red coat.

Puppies are not often found in shelters, but sometimes you might find a young adult deserving of your love. Many times people end up surrendering their Husky because caring for them has become too much.

Finding A Breeder

People looking to buy a Red Husky should begin their search either at the AKC Marketplace or the Siberian Husky Club of America’s website.

Only breeders who adhere to their strict standards and ethics are able to be members of these organizations. You can trust that most of the breeders on these lists are reputable, but they will likely have Huskies of all colors. It is important that you communicate with them that you want a red puppy.

Because of the breed standards, established by the Siberian Husky Club of America, Red Huskies do not have an extensive list of health issues when properly bred. Breeders are required to test their dogs to make sure that they are not passing on hereditary issues.

A properly bred Red Husky is generally a healthy dog that can live 12-14 years.

Black and White vs Red Husky Differences

Black and white is the most popular Husky color, though it is not necessarily more common. These Huskies have a white base coat and black markings on their face with a black saddle. Anyone can recognize this color pattern as a Husky because of their small and fluffy body.

The Red Husky is exactly the same when it comes to personality and temperament.

There is only one difference and that is their bright coat color. A Red Husky has a white base coat with red hairs over their back and face. This red color can range from a light red to a dark copper. Also unique to them is their pinkish-copper nose.

This vibrant and flaming appearance makes a red Siberian Husky a very striking dog. Among other coat colors like black, gray and agouti, they will stand out. For people wanting their pup to have an eye-catching appearance, red is definitely the color to go with.

Coat color does not affect behavior, temperament or athleticism. A Red will be just as sociable, friendly, energetic, intelligent and sociable.


Husky face

The Red Husky was bred to run all day, so they need lots of engagement and time to move their body. It is possible for a Husky to run over 100 miles in a day. Regular exercise is not only important for their body, but also for their mental health and happiness.

Exercising every day is a must. And it can’t be just a quick 30 minute play.

An adult red husky dog needs up to 2 hours of intense exercise each day. You need to allow them to run. This is why it is recommended that you keep a fenced-in yard so you can let them run without having to watch over them all the time.

Doing different things each day and a variety of exercises is a good idea. This will satisfy their need to run and keep them mentally stimulated. Play interactive games or find and seek around the yard.

A confined dog that doesn’t get the exercise they need will develop unwanted destructive behaviors.

Do not allow a Red Husky puppy to over-exercise or put too much strain on their joints to avoid future issues. The most common genetic issue associated with this breed is hip dysplasia.

You should also never let your dog eat too fast and then go running. This could cause its stomach to twist and bloat, which can be a medical emergency.


A Red Husky has a double-layered coat with a thick undercoat. This thick undercoat helps to keep them warm at incredibly cold temperatures. Because of this, they have a lot of hair, which means that they will be constantly shedding. Your house will be covered with loose dog fur, especially during the summer and winter months.

While their coat is thick and sheds a lot, it does not need a lot of grooming at home.

Brushing their red coat twice a week will be enough to maintain it. It is best to use a pin brush to brush out all of the shed hairs from the undercoat.

The Red Husky is considered a very clean dog, capable of self-cleaning and is odorless. Bathing should only be done a couple of times a year when necessary.


A Husky is not the easiest dog to train as they can be a bit stubborn and headstrong.

Early socialization and training are really important to avoid behavioral problems like climbing, digging and howling. While they are naturally sociable, exposing them to different animals will help them understand how to interact and be more respectful of smaller animals who they might want to chase.

They will often become very attached to their owner and can be clingy at times. You will need to teach them that being alone for short periods of time is okay.

When it comes to training, these dogs respond best to positive reinforcement. Always reward them with a treat, and never punish them if they do something wrong; just ignore it. This will take some time and can cause frustration, but you must stay persistent and disciplined.

This breed is not easy to train, especially for someone who has never owned a dog before. They are a strong-willed and demanding breed.

If you want a red dog that is similar, but easier to train, then take a look at the Gerberian Shepsky.

Most Asked Questions

Red Husky walking towards the camera on a green field.

Is A Red Husky Rare?

A Red Husky is not a rare dog breed. Their red coat occurs naturally and is accepted as one of the nine standard colors. They might not be as common as a Black and White, but that does not mean they are rare. The rarest color is actually the White Husky.

What Is A Red Husky Called?

A Siberian Husky with a red and white coat is often called a Red Husky for short. There are other names this dazzling red dog is known by:

  • Red Siberian Husky
  • Red and White Siberian Husky
  • Light Red Husky

Why Do My Husky’s Eyes Turn Red?

The eyes of Huskies are not normally red. Some people might confuse brown or amber eyes for red when hit by sunlight. If a Husky’s eyes do turn a red color, it might be a sign of inflammation or another disease, such as glaucoma, conjunctivitis, dry eye, corneal ulcers or uveitis. This breed is predisposed to a couple of eye diseases, and you will want to have your vet check out any eye issues.

Final Thoughts

The Red Husky is a beautiful color variation of the Siberian Husky that stands out from the pack. This dog has a white coat with red hairs over their back, head and face. Their copper face and pinkish-copper nose completes their look as one of the most unique dogs.

These Red Huskies look dazzling with either green or amber eyes. As dazzling as they are, their temperament and behavior is the same as any type of Husky.

If you are looking to buy a red puppy, you can expect to pay about $750 for a family pet. You can also consider adopting this lovely dog. Many of them end-up in shelters because of how overwhelming they can be for first-time owners.

A Red Husky might be as lively as fire, but for someone who has the time, they make the perfect companion.

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