10 Best Rottweiler Breeders In The US

Rottweiler Breeders

The Rottweiler is a world-class guard dog and does more than just protect your home. They are one of the best family dogs because of how caring and gentle they are with children.

For these reasons many families are looking to buy Rottweiler puppies.

If you are looking to adopt this brave dog, choosing the right breeder is important.

A Rottweiler should be healthy and have a sweet temperament around their family.

Unfortunately, Rottweilers are notorious for health issues such hip and elbow dysplasia and juvenile laryngeal paralysis. Aggression can also be a problem for puppies that have not been socialized. The consequences of aggression and poor health can be very serious.

To start your search for a reputable Rottweiler breeder, we have listed 10 of the best in the US. Keep reading to find out who they are.

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Best Rottweiler Breeders

Alten Weise Rottweilers

European Rottweiler

Alten Weise is a family-owned kennel that is located near the banks of the Manistee, their name is inspired by the “old meadow” that they are located on.

Since 1993 this Code of Ethics Rottweiler breeder has been raising puppies of the German bloodline.

Many of their Rottweiler puppies go on to compete in dog shows and have become champions.

Alten Weise Rottweilers study the pedigree of all the dogs they breed to provide you with only the best puppies in terms of health and temperament. Each dog has been genetically tested and are OFA certified and free of any diseases.

They breed to the standards set by the Fédération Cynologique Internationale and the Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub.

Parent dogs come from working and show lines, but their puppies can be family pets.

For more information on their puppies and upcoming litters, you should keep watch on their Facebook page.

Alten Weise Rottweilers: Breeder Information and Contact Details

Brandy Hills Rottweilers


Joe and Rene Allegrini are American Kennel Club code of ethics breeders and officers of the Northwestern Connecticut Dog Club. They are also members of the American Rottweiler Club and the Colonial Rottweiler Club.

Brandy Hills have been breeding Rottweilers since 1995, and they breed their dogs specifically for temperament. They breed dogs that have competed in conformation, obedience and agility, though their dogs are also perfect for families as pets.

None of their puppies are bred to be guard dogs. They are either companion or show dogs.

All puppies are raised in their home and not in a kennel so that they develop a stable temperament.

People who adopt one of their Rottweilers must enroll their puppy in training classes and socialization as part of the contract. This makes sure they continue to develop with the right temperament that is characteristic of the breed.

Brandy Hills Rottweilers place their puppies at 8 weeks of age and make sure they only give out their puppies to homes that can provide the care they need.

Brandy Hills Rottweilers: Breeder Information and Contact Details

Mid Penn Rottweilers


David and Micelle Weaver run this family Rottweiler breeder in Pennsylvania.

They breed Rottweilers exclusively as loving family pets and only have litters a couple of times a year.

Their dogs are imported from Europe, and most are from German bloodlines. The parents are all clear of any genetic defects and certified with the Federation Cynologique Internationale and Rottweiler Klub of Northeast Ohio.

None of their dogs’ tails are docked as they follow the original German breed standard.

All of their puppies are highly socialized from a young age by their children and are always made to feel like a family member.

Their puppies come with a health certification, one year health guarantee, full kennel club registration and a small hamper with a leash, collar and food.

Mid Penn Rottweilers: Breeder Information and Contact Details

Royalhaus Rottweiler


Royalhaus Rottweiler are passionate about breeding healthy Rottweiler puppies the right way.

All of their parent dogs are kennel club registered, OFA and CHIC certified and tested for juvenile laryngeal paralysis.

Their dogs come from a bloodline of healthy dogs whose pedigree you can view on their website. On their website you can also see a page on Rottweiler health where they talk about the importance of genetically testing their dogs and why they do it.

Royalhaus puppies are treated as part of the family and live inside their house with them.

The dogs get plenty of time to play outside and go on adventures with the family. The Rottweilers they raise are bred to be family pets. However, you can buy a Rottweiler puppy with either limited or full registration if you want to breed them in the future.

All of their puppies come with a 2 year health guarantee, first vaccines, dewormings, a microchip and docked tail.

For current availability, you must contact the breeder.

Royalhaus Rottweiler: Breeder Information and Contact Details

Schomberg Rottweilers


Schomberg Rottweilers is a family breeder that has been raising Rottweilers in Wisconsin since 1989.

They are active American Kennel Club members and state licensed.

Over the years their Rottweilers have been used as therapy dogs and have been certified as Canine Good Citizens. They only breed German Rottweilers of the best health (with OFA certifications) and the right temperament.

The puppies they breed are perfect family pets as they have been socialized by their children and grandchildren.

Each Rottweiler comes with kennel club registration papers and have their tails docked and dew claws removed (to prevent injury).

Schomberg Rottweilers are ready from 7 weeks and come with their first two sets of vaccines, a health certificate and are dewormed.

Schomberg Rottweilers: Breeder Information and Contact Details

Starkhaus Rottweilers

Rottweiler dog

Starkhaus Rottweilers are a state licensed and American Kennel Club breeder of merit.

All of their dogs are kennel club registered and OFA certified for hip dysplasia. They are also genetically tested with their health results available to the public on their website.

Starkhaus sell puppies for both companionship (family pets) or show. Some of the parents are still active and have placed at various dog shows.

Each puppy is raised with the love and care of a family.

The puppies go to ‘doggie day camp’ each day where they are walked, trained and get to play in a large, fenced area.

Their puppies are ready to go home by 8 weeks and they do not have their tails docked.

We chose Starkhaus as one of the best Rottweiler breeders in Ohio because all of their puppies come with their first vaccines, are dewormed, microchipped, kennel club registered and have a 2 year health guarantee.

Starkhaus Rottweilers: Breeder Information and Contact Details:

Toldahaus Rottweilers

Rottweiler pup

Toldahaus is a wife and husband team that raise Rottweiler puppies in North Carolina.

They breed Rottweilers for companionship, but their pups also make great working dogs and service animals because of their German bloodline. Some of their dogs even have Canine Good Citizen certifications.

All parent dogs are German and are genetically tested, kennel club registered and OFA and CHIC certified.

This means any puppy you adopt from them should not suffer with hip and elbow dysplasia.

Toldahaus Rottweilers are an American Kennel Club bred with H.E.A.R.T. member. They are committed to raising their puppies properly so that they have the sweet temperament this breed should have.

The puppies all get to run and play in their half-acre yard and get individual attention.

By the time you take your dog home, it will be partially potty trained and house broken.

Each Rottweiler puppy will come with full kennel club registration, a health certificate and be vaccinated and dewormed.

Toldahaus Rottweilers: Breeder Information and Contact Details

Von Evman Rottweilers

Two puppies

Von Evman Rottweilers has over 37 years of experience breeding German Rottweilers.

They are a silver American Kennel Club breeder of merit and Code of Ethics Rottweiler breeder with the American Rottweiler Club.

All parent dogs come from the finest German bloodlines and are genetically tested and OFA certified. They guarantee Rottweilers of the highest-quality because Germany has one of the strictest breeding standards in the world which is why their dogs come from these lines.

Many of their dogs have gone on to be champions at various dog shows, and many others become working dogs.

Families who want one of their puppies must be placed on their waiting list, as they only breed a couple of litters each year.

Your puppy will be ready to go home at 8 weeks and will come with all its health certificates.

Von Evman Rottweilers: Breeder Information and Contact Details

Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers

Older Rottweiler dog

Vom Hause Noble translates from German to “from the house of noble Rottweilers”.

Tasha is the head breeder at Vom Hause Noble and is a member of the Minnesota Pet Breeders Association, the American Canine Association, United Kennel Club and American Kennel Club. She is also a German Club Member of the Alliance of Independent Rottweiler Klubs and National Independent Rottweiler Klub.

Her breeding business is located at her home which is a 27 acre farm in Minnesota.

All of her dogs are genetically tested and OFA certified.

She strives to only breed the highest quality Rottweilers for family pets.

Vom Hause Noble puppies all come with a microchip, kennel club registration papers, two-year health guarantee for hips vaccines, dewormers and a one-month dose of heartworm prevention.

If you continue to feed the puppy Life’s Abundance kibble you also get a five year puppy replacement guarantee due to any health issues.

Vom Hause Noble Rottweilers: Breeder Information and Contact Details

Von Herrschaft Rottweilers

Face of a Rottweiler

Von Herrschaft is a Rottweiler kennel that is based out of Front Royal, Virginia. This kennel breeds champion, working and pet dogs. They are the best Rottweiler breeder in Virginia and have over 20 years breeding experience.

This kennel is home of the stud Tito Earl Antonius and world champion Gonzo Earl Antonius.

Their world champion bloodlines guarantee you will get only the highest quality Rottweiler.

They temperament test their puppies so that they understand the puppies’ personality and can select the best home for them.

If you are serious about purchasing one of their dogs, then you must call and interview.

By 8 weeks the dog is ready to be picked up at their kennel, or they can have him shipped to you within the US. They also have young dogs available, so you can get a Rottweiler at an older age if you do not want to raise a puppy.

After you buy a Rottweiler puppy from them, they will remain in contact with you and provide all the support and advice you need.

Von Herrschaft Rottweilers: Breeder Information and Contact Details

How To Choose A Rottweiler Breeder

Before picking a breeder you will need to decide if you want to adopt a German or American Rottweiler.

Pick A Lineage

There are actually two lineages of Rottweilers: American and German.

These dogs are the same breed but their bloodlines are different, so there are some subtle differences between their appearance and temperaments.

An American tends to be shorter than the European and has its tail docked.

The European is heavier than an American and has a natural tail.

American Rottweilers also have thinner and longer muzzles and heads, while the head of the European is blockier.

There are also temperament differences between the two.

Europeans are bred more to be guard dogs and come from working lineages. They are very alert, active and suspicious of strangers, but they never attack.

On the other hand, the American is bred more to be a family pet. They are silly, sweet, gentle and playful and won’t be chasing anyone away, though they still remain protective of their family.

Avoid Puppy Mills

Puppy mills or backyard breeders will tend to breed more American Rottweilers.

While there is nothing wrong with the American line, they do not undergo the same strict breeding restrictions as the European lineage.

German Rottweilers might be more expensive, but they are normally free of any disease and have more stable working temperaments.

The American Rottweiler Club is a good place to start your search for a breeder. This club mandates that all breeders disclose the results of tests for hip dysplasia, heart problems, eyes, elbow dysplasia, and juvenile laryngeal paralysis and polyneuropathy.

Check OFA and CHIC Certifications

Rottweiler breeders that have OFA and CHIC certifications for their dogs are trustworthy.

A breeder that cannot show you proof of these certifications are ones that you should avoid. They will not be able to guarantee the health of their puppies.

All reputable breeders must also be state licensed and members of the American Kennel Club.

Only puppies that adhere to the breed standards are registrable with the American Kennel Club. These puppies are often the ones you will want to buy for your family.

American Rottweiler Club Membership

Many of the highest quality breeders are members of the American Rottweiler Club and import their dogs from European countries.

These breeders choose to breed the European lineage because they are the ‘true’ bloodline and are less likely to have any genetic issues or conformation problems.

German bloodline Rottweilers are often working or show dogs, but not all of their puppies are bred to be show dogs. A lot of these dogs are of championship lineages, but are socialized and raised to be family dogs, so you get a dog of the best health and temperament.

When you go to choose a Rottweiler breeder, ask about their breeding lineage and pedigree.

Health Certificate

Your Rottweiler puppy should come with a health certificate from a licensed veterinarian and a health guarantee.

You will also need to know about the:

  • Results of the genetic tests of the parents.
  • What registrations the parents have.
  • What registries and clubs the breeder belongs to.
  • What papers your puppy comes with.

Temperament Testing

Rottweilers are often adopted by families because of their abilities as guard dogs, while also having a very sweet temperament inside the family home. While they are very large, they are great with children and don’t realize how big they are!

This is the kind of temperament you want to see, which only a good breeder can guarantee.

Many good breeders will try to pair you with a puppy based on the Rottweiler’s temperament test and your lifestyle.

Rottweilers are not aggressive by nature, but those who have not been properly socialized can develop behavioral issues.

No puppy mill or backyard breeder will be as dedicated to the breed as a reputable breeder.

Only reputable breeders can guarantee you the health and temperament of their puppies. They adhere to very strict breeding guidelines and only raise their puppies in the most loving and playful environment.

Finding the right type of breeder for a Rottweiler is very important.


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