150+ Dog Puns: The Ulti-Mutt Howl-Worthy List

Looking for the ulti-mutt list of dog puns?

Dog puns are our speciality, and we are not dachshund’round.

You may be thinking, are we qualified? Sir, we have a dog-torate in dog puns.

Puns can be used as grrr-eat ice breakers, even if they are a little ruff!

Doggone breaking our heart. Go on, give our list a read and let us know how pawfect or ruff you think our puns are…

150+ Dog Puns

  1. Dear human, I shnauz not listen to you and your demands any longer. Yours sincerely, a very fur-ocious pup!
  2. I think we made a “mastiff” mistake.
  3. My dog is so smart, he has a pe-degree.
  4. Don’t forget to put the car in bark, and avoid big poodles! It’s been raining cats and dogs out there.
  5. Welcome to the bark side of the internet.
  6. My dog is in debt. He’s racked up too many bones.
  7. One, two, three, paw. I declare a doggie war!
  8. I think you’re Labrador-able!

Labrador Puns

  1. Quit dachshund’round!
  2. I canine think of my dog’s favorite vegetable. Perhaps it’s collie-flower!
  3. How does an Italian dog say hello? Chow chow!
  4. What did the man say to his dog obsessed wife? I’m over havanese dogs around!
  5. What’s a pup’s favorite friends character? Fleabe Puff-ay!
  6. Fur-ever thankful fur you!
  7. Pup, pup and away!..
  8. How does a Frenchie greet their owner? Bone soir or bone jour.
  9. You’ve had a ruff day, how about coming around later for a bark b q?
  10. Sure, he’s ruff around the edges, but he has some pet-tential.
  11. You’ve got him on a tight lease… he’s mutts about you!
  12. I’m pawsitively certain that I love dogs.

Cute Dog Puns

  1. Paw-haps we could go fur a walk?
  2. Dogs are pawfect from head to paw.
  3. Dalmatian’me crazy!
  4. He’s not a bad dog… he’s just barking up a lot.
  5. Quit houndinme, I’m pawfect how I am, just ask my dog!
  6. Anything is paw-sible, you just have to believe in yourself!
  7. Beagle and cream cheese please!
  8. Woof’nt you like to go out with me?
  9. A dog’s favorite movie: The fast and the furriest!
  10. What do you call a man’s best friend who tried to lose weight? Nothing, he’s just a little husky.
  11. If you’re feeling a little ruff then perhaps it’s time to get a lab report?
  12. You make my world collie-ful.
  13. I love dogs, fur real.
  14. Could you please fetch me another treat?
  15. Stop drop and roll-over.
  16. That’s puggin awesome!
  17. Dog’s make the world wonder-fur!
  18. The howlidays are a great day to celebrate our fur-ends.
  19. What’s your ultimutt favorite dog breed? She’s pawfect, shes fetching, shes a dream come true, fur real.
  20. Dog’s are pawfect, right down to their bones!
  21. When a dog loses his job… he is made re-pug-nant.

Pug Puns

  1. Poodles are typically known to be quite “paw-sh”.
  2. Fancy a warm cup of pug-kin soup?
  3. Collie me. Bond. James Bond.
  4. Who is Fido’s favorite spice girl? Paw-sh spice!
  5. Here’s my number, collie me maybe!
  6. If you meet my dog, you’ll ruff him!
  7. If your dog was a rapper, who would he be? P-Diggy.
  8. A dog got in trouble for digging his lawn?! Re-dig-ulous!
  9. A pup’s favorite TV show? The wag-gles!
  10. Bad dogs can be little “terriers”.
  11. I hope you don’t mind if I inter-ruff, but I heard you’re a fellow dog lover.
  12. Let’s stop paw-tending we aren’t more than fur-ends.
  13. Fur the first time in my life, I’ve found the one… Happy Anni-fur-sary!
  14. Sending poodles of love your way.

Poodle Pun

  1. My retriever went to the vets. I hope his “lab” report came back alright!
  2. Those naughty puppies… what litter pugs!
  3. The dog got busted over possession. Some may call him quite the pug!
  4. Any pawticular reason you don’t love dogs? It’s quite re-pug-nant to hear!
  5. How on earth can puppies bark all night with no paws?
  6. Please stop using puns as pick-up lines. You’re making me very uncom-fur-table!
  7. Howl y’all doin?
  8. Stop waggin! Get back to work.
  9. My dog was howlin all night. It was hard to fur-give..
  10. Forgive and furget my fur-end. Furgive and furget.
  11. The vet said he may feel ruff for a few days but he should be pup and running in no time.
  12. I furget to pay my annual vet-flea.
  13. These jokes are very dog-grading.
  14. Feliz-navi-dog to all my fur-ends and family.
  15. Love is a four legged word.
  16. My dog got a promotion down at the paw-fice. He’s now bark manager.
  17. I would chews my dog over humans, any day.
  18. Could I please whine and dine you?
  19. You may say my dog is a little bit fancy… her favorite brand is poochi.
  20. My dog is a model. She’s on the cover of vanity fur.
  21. My dog is my life, fur better or fur worse.

My Dog Is My Life

  1. My dog loves getting pet-icures.
  2. My dog isn’t very fur-endly. In fact, he can be a little ruff.
  3. Paw-lease and thank-Tzu…
  4. Could I please have your number, so I can collie you later?
  5. If you can appreciate a good joke then you’re the one fur me!
  6. Nothing is im-paw-sible with man’s best friend by your side.
  7. Sorry, I furgot your birthday, I hope you had a wonder-fur day!
  8. I didn’t choose the pug life, the pug life chose me!

Pug Life

  1. Stick with me fur a good time.
  2. Did you hear about the dog who graduated puppy school early? Yes! What a GOOD BOY!
  3. I just want to furget about my problems. Paws me another drink!
  4. I’ll take a pina-collie-ada please!
  5. I will love you fur ever and ever. I paw-mise.
  6. My sausage dog can’t do any tricks. He’s the wurst.
  7. My dog prefers the finer things in life. His favorite sweater is from Chewie Bitton.
  8. My dog won’t stop howlin, he is being really mutts!
  9. May the fur be with you!
  10. Call me a dalmatian, because I’ve just spotted the love of my life, and her name is *pause until they say their name*.
  11. Beautiful and a dog lover? Wow aren’t you just pawfect.
  12. Did you hear that dog howling last night? Not sure but it sounded a little husky.
  13. Dogs are poodles of fun.
  14. Let’s pawtend I didn’t just open with another dog pun…
  15. Ha-chihuahua, you’re a cutie!
  16. I’m mutts about dogs, and I know.
  17. Stop mal-teasing me.
  18. Daschund around trying to come up with more puns is ruff-er than I thought.
  19. My dog adores treats, he’s a little husky.
  20. You can call me dog mum, dog lover, or paw-nder women!
  21. Stop, paws and paw-nder.
  22. Don’t be so paw-litically correct.
  23. Paw-lese stop houndin me!
  24. Dog-tor or pet-tritician?
  25. I’m mutts about you, stop being a mal-tease.
  26. Make that a coffee and a beagle thanks!

Beagle Puns

  1. Very Im-paw-tant Pupson.
  2. You’re pawfect fur me.
  3. The pup who cried “woof.
  4. My dog loves pilates. He’s trying to work on his paw-sture.
  5. Caution: Precious Corgo.
  6. Note to self” You’re beau-woof-ul.
  7. Nothing else mutters but me and you.
  8. My dog attended obedience school now he’s pawlite.
  9. Call the paw-lice, a dog is littering!
  10. Canine offer you a drink?
  11. My dog just had puppies, now she’s on mutt-ternity leave.
  12. He’s a good boy. He’s just a little ruff around the edges. Some may say he is a little dif-fur-ent.
  13. My dog hates fetch. He prefers to be a re-fur-ree!

Dog Fetch

  1. Shampoodle and corg-ditioner.
  2. Oh, for the love of DOG!
  3. Air Furs Ones!
  4. Thank you very mutty!
  5. Don’t be a pawty pupper!
  6. The last pupper!
  7. Merry Christ-mutts!
  8. You’re a dog lover? Can I have a yorkie to your place?
  9. You have Akita my heart!
  10. My dog is my hero and my best friend. I call him Labra-thor.

labrador dog puns

  1. Apero Spitz!
  2. I love you papillion times more!
  3. My dog speaks Spanish. He’s es-spaniel.
  4. Japanese dog breeds are Akita my heart.
  5. Need food tested? Give it to the “lab”.
  6. So glad to hear you’re feeling heal-terrier now!
  7. Why does your dog go and sit in the corner whenever the bell rings? He’s a Boxer!
  8. My dog barks at everyone. He’s a cross breed.
  9. My dog loves yoga. He’s aware wolf.
  10. My dog’s pretty handy. He wants to become a woofer.
  11. Its Pomeranian hallelujah, it’s Pomeranian… amen!
  12. This may sound far-fetched but would you like to meat up later?
  13. It’s a pit-ty you don’t like dogs.
  14. My dog is forbidden from digging up the yard.
  15. New puppy. Perhaps, I can qualify for pup-ternity leave?
  16. Did you hear about the dog who went to prison? Yeah, he’s a pug…

Pug dog puns

  1. Sausage dog jokes are ultimuttly the wurst.
  2. My Spanish dog is lonely. He barks-alone-a.
  3. My dog won his first fight. It was a fur game.
  4. My dachshund has to have cold baths every day. He’s a hot dog.
  5. Sorry I’ve had enough of your dog puns… you’re barking up the wrong tree.

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